Laugh! Don’t take Yourself too Seriously.


Too often we walk our life and especially the spiritual path with an aura of heaviness. It seems that we take ourselves too seriously. When you really look at it, it’s incredibly funny! Why are we so serious? We all should laugh! And do it with our entire being! Laughter brings us back to the primordial common sense. It reminds us that all is a hilarious joke and that there’s no reason to fear at all. Laughter is freedom itself, realizing the absurdity of it all.

You are not that important!

I’m always bewildered to see people walking the spiritual path with such a sense of self importance. As they deepen in self understanding, they feel that they should be respected and revered. I look at this and ask myself – isn’t it completely the other way round? When you understand that you are nothing, and that everyone is made of the Divine, how can you deem yourself so damn important? Very often we cause our suffering by being too serious. While life is a rejoicing of energy, light and oneness, we become so heavy. This is a clear energy of ego-consciousness.

When you laugh, you connect to an immediate sense of relief and perspective. A moment ago you were all confused and fearful, and the next it’s all washed away by laughter. Because laughter connects you immediately to what’s beyond your ego, beyond yourself.

Laugh your Way to Freedom

They say in all big enlightenment traditions, that you cannot reach the Divine with all you baggage. You can’t come with your heaviness, seriousness, self importance, past, self image etc. You must come empty, light and pure. Sometimes we don’t notice what precious tools life has already given us to be happy and free. The ability to laugh is one of them. Next time you laugh, check what happens to you. See how everything becomes light and joyful. How you see that there’s nothing too heavy and serious after all about a situation, a fight, a challenge. Laughter brings wise perspective. It robs you of your egoic wish to make things too important.

What I love about laughter is that it also unifies. If you think you are too dignified and special, you are alone and separate. It might give you an ego kick, but deep inside you are lonely, disconnected. Once you laugh, you see, that we are all the same. Nobody is more important than another. Nobody is more special. We are all on the same boat, experiencing this bitter-sweet symphony of life. Experiencing this wild roller coaster.

Laughter Melts Away All Masks

To be free and real, you must be authentic. You can’t go around carrying a fake persona with you – no matter how famous, successful, and whatever you think you are! Underneath it all, we are all Divine sparks, children of God, living in His eternal splendid kingdom. The beggar and the billionaire, the murderer and the saint, men and women, are all the same. We are afraid to admit it, but we know it. We know that nobody is better than another. And that all are made of Divine matter. It’s just that we need to clean our vision and take off the fake masks that are stuck to our faces. We take them off when we laugh.

When you laugh you are not in control. All the games of being someone, with a status, collapse at once and all that’s left is the real you – naked. Finally you can meet life and others on eye level. Finally everyone can see your real face and you can see it too!

Laugh about your Personal Drama

We’ve all experienced our share of suffering and traumas. Again a reason to feel on the same boat. But all of us tend to overly attach to and sanctify our personal traumas and stories. As if we can’t anymore meet life right now in its newness. This is complete nonsense. No matter how traumatized you are, you can always meet life anew. Nobody is excluded. You are life. You are not your past, or traumas or personal drama. It’s just that we were all taught to identify too strongly with our life events instead of identifying with life itself. This is where I recommend laughter. Laugh! And you will be immediately released from your drama. You will see things in the right proportion and that will liberate you.

Laughter is like an influx of life, bubbling from the core right out to the surface of your being. It informs everything inside you that life is good. It reminds you that there’s no need to worry. That life is beautiful and completely out of control. And this lack of control is what makes it so crazily beautiful! When you laugh, you know without knowing. You are freed of yourself. Laughter is freedom.

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