Spiritual Wisdom for Difficult Times

Spiritual Wisdom

The attainment of spiritual wisdom is not abstract at all. As a matter of fact if it cannot help us deal with daily challenges and difficulties in a much wiser way – it is not spiritual wisdom. True wisdom is something alive and tangible. And if you take spiritual practice seriously, then this wisdom will over time become available for you in the most challenging and difficult moments of your life.

What is Spiritual Wisdom?

Perhaps it easier to start explaining what it is not. It is not a specific area of knowledge and it has nothing to do with having degrees or being a handyman. It has nothing to do with having a quick and witty mind. Nor has it anything to do with geniosity. This is the kind of wisdom that is relevant in all times and places. It is of an eternal nature. It’s more the maturation of your entire being into a profound understanding of the nature of life as a whole. It has to do with a deep insight into how life moves and how you can flow in harmony with it.

The more this wisdom flowers inside of you, you start to realize that you and life are not two separate things. Rather, you are an expression of life. Because it is so, by living according to life’s rhythm, you experience harmony both within and without. When you substitute wisdom with intellectual status and knowledge you can’t see where the flow is moving. Not seeing the flow, your steps are blind and very often create disharmony. Therefore it is imperative to develop spiritual wisdom if you want to live life in harmony.

Wisdom in Action

Spiritual maturation makes you softer. You stop fighting. Life becomes much more simple. When you see clearly, you don’t waste your energy on unnecessary actions. This is why conflicts are solved much faster, relationships become more beautiful and decisions are made naturally. When the eye of wisdom opens inside you, you see that everything in life changes. You also see that in the center of it all there is total stillness. In many ways just these two simple facts sum it all up. In your deepest center you discover an unchanging blessed silence. In your periphery you experience emotional and mental fluctuations. When this spiritual wisdom is translated into action, you never hold onto something too tightly. You become light and fluid. You know that nothing stays forever the same so why hold on? You can’t hold on to changing temperature. And emotions and thoughts are like constant changing temperature.

Simultaneously you also know that no matter what appears on the periphery, you remain the same in the center. This gives you immense stability. No need to fight anything – not fear, not sadness, not doubt. Nothing! You are free to let everything flow and you discover the miracle: life solves itself by itself! Interestingly you also stop trying to make happiness and good feelings stay. They also have their own rhythm of coming and going. Your greatest ally becomes the ever-present silence.

When Difficult Times Strike

In direct relation to the depth and breadth of wisdom you attain, you have to make it real and applicable in your daily life. You start by small actions such as behaving more kindly towards your partner and parents. When an argument starts, you react with lightness and never stretch it for too long. When you realize an unhealthy habit in your life, you take care of it. As you do these small actions you gain more stability of wisdom in action. This enables you to then use spiritual wisdom in more difficult situations. Growing spiritually has nothing to do with being a spineless astronaut, floating about without roots. On the contrary. It is all about living life in a much more free, wise and involved way. It’s about interacting and responding to life head on from the deepest, most honest place within you.

Life, as we all know, is not a picknick. At times it can get very hard. Close people die, you loose your job, there are horrible diseases. People deal with depression, anxiety, nervous breakdowns, burnouts. The demand to always survive in a capitalistic world is wearing many many people down. And while vacations, parties, time off, therapy and medication can temporarily help, we need spiritual wisdom as the ultimate support. If we’ve been serious in anchoring our wisdom throughout our life there are more chances it’ll be available for us also in the darkest hours. When it’s really hard, it is not time to give up, but exactly the time to utilize all of your deeply gained wisdom.

Spiritual Wisdom for The Rescue!

It is imperative in a time of crisis to apply what you know. First of all you know that everything comes and goes. This applies also for the darkest emotions. No exception here. And so this gives you patience and perseverance. You also know that some things can be changed while others you have to accept. This frees you from arguing with and resisting life. Much more energy becomes available and there’s a silence as a result of deep acceptance. Your wisdom taught you that every experience in life has a transformative potential to it. This means that not only comfortable experiences count but all experiences. From the lightest to the darkest. Now is time to look deeply and extract the meaningful lessons hidden in your crisis. This gives you healthy perspective.

Nobody promises of course that you’ll be able to solve everything – but that’s also part of spiritual wisdom. You do what you can and you accept what you can’t influence. Putting this wisdom into action brings you always back to the center, back to silence. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take medication, receive a doctor’s advice or even cry deeply when you lost someone dear to you. It simply means that while you do all of the above, you do it with the spirit of wisdom. This changes everything.

How To Develop Spiritual Wisdom?

Real wisdom, like anything of real value is not something that grows overnight. It is cultivated over many years of sincere spiritual practice, meditation, inquiry and the corresponding right actions. Over time, you develop a living and vital inner body of wisdom that is always available to you. In fact it is you! You are the living wisdom. No good musician, painter or inventor is born in one day or not even in 1 year. It takes time, love and dedication. Nevertheless it is never too late to start right where you are. After all, spiritual wisdom tells us that pitying yourself for not having started earlier is a waste of energy. Just forget about the past and start today! Start meditating, reading spiritual wisdom, connect with a good spiritual teacher. Build your subtle body of wisdom and it’ll pay off in ways you couldn’t have even imagined.

To make something real in your life you must invest time and love and put it to practice. It is childish to expect that a few meditations a year should solve your problems. Not to mention a serious problem. You must practice continuously and never give up. Make your practice alive and interesting. Develop inner silence through meditation. Let your meditation grow over time and apply this silence to your behavior. Many small right actions solidify your spiritual wisdom, and when the moment calls, it’ll be there for you.

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