Karmic Debt Numbers

Karmic Debt Numbers

Numbers are not only pointers about your current lifetime. And as a matter of fact there are specifically four numbers that have to do directly with unfinished business from previous lifetimes. These are the Karmic Debt Numbers. These numbers present a unique lesson and challenge for you to learn and balance. And while all numbers have both light and shadow, these ones usually bring out more of the shadow.

Karmic Debt Numbers – Balancing Past Lives Issues

Numerology sees you not only as a human being, but as a Soul that goes through an extensive journey of learning throughout many lifetimes. As you progress and accumulate lifetimes, there are some lessons you may have repeatedly left unfinished. These are subjects you’ve left in a state of imbalance. And as the universal law goes – everything needs to come back into perfect balance and justice. These lessons are represented by the Karmic Debt Numbers.

Those numbers are: 13/4, 14/5, 16/7, 19/1

Whenever one of these numbers appears in your 5 Core Numbers, they should not go unnoticed. This means you have an important lesson to face and balance. There’s nothing bad about it. It’s simply that on the Soul level, in order to reach mastery, you must take responsibility for your actions – including ones from previous lifetimes.

Imbalance is Not a Negative State

When I say that Karmic Debt Numbers point to a certain imbalance, please remember that in no way am I saying it is bad. It simply implies that there’s something you need to hone on in order to learn a unique lesson. There’s an area in your Soul’s Journey where you kept repeating a behavior that hurt you and others. It’s a quality you haven’t mastered yet. And life, for your own benefit, wants you to master it. For this reason, you will have to encounter the more imbalanced side of the numbers 4, 5, 7 and 1 which are reflected through their double digit parts: 13, 14, 16 and 19.

In this lifetime, you will start off with a sort of “overdraft” with that number. It’ll feel like an uphill climb. Some of the time you’ll repeat the same imbalanced behaviors from past lifetimes. But hopefully you will acknowledge the imbalance and will own your lesson and reach a higher degree of self-mastery. Eventually, once you master the karmic debt numbers, you can become a role model for others. You can teach your newly earned Soul-Quality.

Karmic Debt Numbers – Meaning

Let us now take a look into each karmic debt number and its unique meaning and influence on your life.


This karmic debt number indicates that in previous lifetimes you oftentimes escaped responsibilities you should’ve taken. You’ve left it to others to carry the burden for you – either directly or indirectly. You refused to make certain efforts towards necessary ends, and avoided the hard work.

In this lifetime, you’ll need to learn to be patient, work hard and accept it when reality doesn’t work your way. You’ll need to be creative in finding solutions and working with life. Very often as an imbalance, you’ll experience sudden delays, frustrating incidences, health issues and as if things aren’t working out for you. This is meant to teach you patience, responsibility and surrender.


This karmic debt number indicates that in previous lifetimes you’ve went to extremes when it comes to personal freedom. You may have been a victim of an oppressive regime or a suppressive religious family. You may have even been a prisoner. At other occasions you may have taken people’s freedom away from them. For example by enslaving or imprisoning someone. The subject to balance here is around freedom.

In this lifetime you’ll need to find the balance between a self-suppressive behavior and an over-indulgent behavior. You’ll need to find the meaning of true freedom, flow, naturalness and spontaneity. You will often go either to extremes of self-suffocation and blocking your vitality and joy. At other times you’ll completely over-indulge in sex, food, drugs, and won’t set healthy boundaries.


This karmic debt number indicates that in previous lifetimes you’ve created quite a mess in the area of relationships. You’ve abandoned people, made sudden cuts and broke people’s hearts. You have really hurt others, betrayed their trust and ruined something on the heart level between you.

In this lifetime you’ll need to work a lot on lessons of the heart. Again and again, life will present lessons of relationships to you. You will need to learn how to stay loving and open-hearted and not cut things in the middle. Very often you will experience fear of abandonment and betrayal. You will probably also experience some abandonments yourself. At other times you will abandon others and be very insensitive to them. You’ll need to learn humbleness and openness of heart.


This karmic debt number indicates that in previous lifetimes you’ve misused your power. You’ve exerted violence and dominance over others. You have behaved in aggressive manners and misused your position. You were in a power position and used it for your own benefit, while treating others violently. In other words, you haven’t mastered the energy of individual power.

In this lifetime you’ll need to learn what true individual power and sovereignty is. You will need to discover what it means to stand in your own power without comparing to or belittling others. You will often feel inferior to others, as if they “got it” but you don’t. You’ll compare yourself a lot to people and in general constantly bounce between feeling superior to feeling inferior. In the end you’ll have to find the true meaning of personal power and self-sufficiency.

Master Your Field

As you can see, karmic debt numbers are multilayered and rich in lessons. Each one presents a unique opportunity for mastering an aspect of your Soul’s Journey. If you have karmic debt numbers in your chart, it’s important not to get discouraged at all. Many people have them. And it is not bad as I’ve already mentioned. See it like a mountain climbing challenge. It might be trying and tiring, but the higher you get, the more perspective, sun and pristine air you’ll taste. Eventually, by taking on the challenge and reaching mastery you will develop a very refined skill, personality and wisdom.

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