Intention – The Power to Achieve Anything


To me everything starts with intention. If you aren’t clear about yours, don’t be surprised if your life seems like it’s going nowhere or if your mind is foggy. Nothing can be achieved without clarity of intention. It’s one of the most important ingredients in achieving anything meaningful in life.

Clarity of Intention – The Way to Success

What is success? Is it about becoming rich and famous? Being a graduate of a prestigious college? Or maybe being a CEO of a high-tech company? If you ask me – it’s none of the above. Success is the ability to reach the goals most relevant to your Soul’s Evolution. As a spiritual guide for people of all ages, I find that one of the biggest problems of people, that one ingredient that keeps them stuck, is that they aren’t clear about their intention. They don’t know where they’re heading and why. I’ve come to learn that clarity of intention is perhaps the number one ingredient that determines true success (as defined above). It is the force that binds together all the energies of your being: will, love, passion, creativity, clarity etc…and directs them towards a clear end.

So do you know what you want? Do you take some time once in a while to define your goals? This little action, can revolutionize your life in ways you haven’t even imagined. And it can be exercised on every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Intention Builds Strength and Eliminates Fogginess

Not knowing where you’re heading in life and what’s truly important to you is a sure recipe for frustration, depression and anxiety. We are born to be creative and evolve. If our energy isn’t directed in a creative direction, it will inevitably move into a destructive one. Therefore, if you want to build strength and crystal clear clarity, it’s time to clarify your intention! Yes, take a pen and paper and start writing down your intentions. At the beginning you may not feel totally clear, but the effort to reveal it is worth every bit. You must channel your energy. If you just hover aimlessly, and wait for some insight to strike you, you’re wasting your time. And making yourself weaker.

I highly recommend that if you want to be part of the 5% of people living with strength and purpose – start getting in touch with your intentions! Living in a fog all your life isn’t what your Soul longs for. And it needs your conscious effort in clarifying the direction and orchestrating the moves.

Daring to Take Risks

Many people choose to stay in fogginess because they are afraid of meeting their greatness. Being great (as in fulfilling your Soul’s Evolution) requires daring and taking risks. It often entails trusting your inner wisdom and aloneness. Risk taking is not equivalent to taking random life-endangering actions irresponsibly. What I’m talking about is stepping beyond your current limitations and daring to draw a path that hasn’t been just handed out to you. That’s a real risk. You create your own path, according to your clarity of intention and are willing to pay the price. You may succeed and you may fail, but you are willing to own the results either way. Now that’s real power. That’s a life worth living!

Always playing safe will only keep you foggy for life. You won’t discover your true power and you won’t push your Soul into ever expanding frontiers of evolution. True risk taking is the intelligent implementation of your inner wisdom towards a creative end that speaks to your heart.

Do Not Fear Mistakes

Ask any great persona about their way to success and you’ll hear about numerous mistakes and failures. Finding your intention and following it through is an adventurous path to take. It is not a safe plateau where everything is known and predetermined. Mistakes are opportunities to make yourself increasingly more precise, accurate and clear. Make mistakes with joy and pride. Then learn from them and move on. When you move in this way you plug into the deeper meaning of life which is constant learning. Learning helps you discover yourself forever more, get rid of unnecessary elements and cultivate the relevant ones.

As you take the time to discover your true intention, step by step you will gather all the strength and clarity you need. All necessary qualities will emerge: self-control, discipline, creativity, patience, perseverance, courage etc. You must learn to give yourself a chance to live a real life.

Everything Is Possible

All limitations are imagined, created in your mind. If you firmly believe there’s a blockage you can’t cross – check: how do you benefit from it? The only reason we firmly believe we can’t cross certain limitations is because we are too invested in them. We don’t want to lose what we think they give us. But I want you to know that life has no limitations – it is free…completely free. It has no boundaries and no dead ends. Everything is possible. It might take a long time to manifest your intention, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. So…what are you waiting for? Take a pen and paper, clarify your intention and start rocking!


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  1. Much continued success for 2021!  You’re amazing!
    I do not watch the news or read the papers either. The biggest risk to health and life lies in fearmongering, but I enjoy reading your blog and other spiritual things.

    1. Post

      Dear Rose, thank you for your kind message. Keep up learning and progressing on the endless path of Wisdom!

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