Inner Mastery – Walk Your Talk

Inner Mastery

One of the most touching things to see in a human being is when one truly walks their talk. When one is one in their being, knowing and action. We know we can rely on such a person. There’s something about them that stands out of the herd significantly. They are one with themselves. There’s a consistency in their being. They have cultivated Inner Mastery.

From Fragmentation to Inner Mastery

So many people live their lives in a constant state of confusion and suffering. Not knowing what’s their purpose, they wander aimlessly, go into jobs that don’t speak to their soul and relationships that don’t help them grow. It’s as though many of us are made of many pieces and voices that do not work as one team. When you don’t work as one team from the inside, there’s no coherence and your life cannot make sense. Imagine that one part of you wants to be in a beautiful relationship, but another part doesn’t even believe in love. The result can only be a continuous struggle and confusion. Forces working against other forces and your life turns into a continuous battle.

But there’s another way. That’s the way of Inner Mastery, and it entails connecting and harmonizing the 3 layers of yourself: Being, Knowing and Acting. That’s the deepest meaning and potential of the expression “to walk one’s talk”. What I say is what I am is what I do.

Giving up Laziness

It feels great to be able to flow effortlessly into a love relationship and make it work. It is also wonderful to effortlessly create a meaningful job for yourself that reflects your values and what you love. And to be able to express your thoughts and feelings in the clearest way is also great. Not to mention being able to have a powerful and influential presence in a positive and constructive way on people. How about living from a place of true peace and inspiration? These are all great things that we all want. So how come so few of us actually achieve them? Truth is that we don’t achieve them not because they’re difficult to achieve, but because we’re lazy.

To achieve inner mastery it takes a real investment and commitment in what is real and good within us. It requires continuously addressing those habits and blockages within us that hamper our freedom and full expression. It also demands a continuous cultivation of wisdom and virtue. But somehow we are willing to invest enormous amounts of energy in things that matter much less, but not in those that would actually make us happy. It is easier for us because although these things demand much energy, in many ways they happen on auto-pilot because society approves of them. But to cultivate inner mastery requires a cultivation that goes against the gravitational pull of our conditioning. To achieve it, we must give up laziness.

Inner Mastery – Unification of Your Being

To break the habit of laziness we must realize that our energy can be invested in our personality or our soul. Our personality is made out of habits and conditioning. If we invest only there, we’ll end up with a limiting and disappointing life experience. Whereas if we learn to invest in our soul, we will feel how we are catapulted into a whole new sphere of purpose, alignment and harmony. In the beginning it may feel as if we have to put in a bit of effort, but as we progress it becomes almost effortless. Not to mention that the gifts we receive as a result, don’t leave a place for doubt. Our aim should be to unify the different parts of our being that are currently not in sync. To cultivate inner mastery, you want to make sure that what you know to be true is aligned with how you act.

If you know that love, honesty and meaning are the most important things in life, this must show in your actions. If your heart is mostly stubborn and closed and you don’t speak the truth with your loved ones, your actions aren’t aligned with your knowing. This gap is where you should focus your energy. This gap between your knowing and action is your learning curve. It is a great joy to evolve and witness the changes that take place. It’s like when you level-up in a computer game. It’s always super fun and you feel enhanced. If you stay consistent, you will notice how progressively who you are, what you know and how you act become one. That’s an important unification of your being. The dawning of inner mastery.

Inner Mastery is Real Evolution

So many of us go to university or college and accumulate lots of knowledge. But funnily, we do not evolve. Accumulation of knowledge does not change our state of consciousness nor does it unify our being. At best we learn a good skill. The journey of inner mastery is an actual evolution of your being and soul. You become something you weren’t before. You grow in wisdom, self-understanding and presence. Your subtle being is awakened, you become crystallized and unified. In many ways, you become the next evolutionary step of humanity. A role model for what’s possible if one invests in one’s Soul. Your actions and knowing are aligned and therefore whatever you do thrives and flourishes. Whatever you say leaves meaningful impact on others.

Isn’t that something we all want? Don’t we all want to become impactful in beautiful and empowering ways to ourselves and others? Don’t we all want to live meaningful and flourishing lives? Let’s be honest – we do. So let’s stop seeking shortcuts and get to work! Start to walk your talk!


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