Inner Light – The Source of Joy and Bliss

Inner Light

We’ll all heard the words: “I see the Light!”. Nowadays we use them in a slightly dismissive manner. However there is a deep truth behind these words. In this blog post I’ll reveal the secrets of the Inner Light which saints, sages and wise ones have discovered throughout the ages.

Inner Light is not just an expression but a Real Experience

We all search for happiness. This is but a simple fact. The longing for happiness sits at the root of our human experience and is our very birthright. And although most people unfortunately do not feel truly happy, the good news is that there are secret methods that awaken true happiness within.

When I say “secret” methods, I simply mean that these methods touch a very subtle place within us and require a proper training that most people don’t undertake. I always emphasize meditation as one of the most powerful and efficient methods for the discovery of happiness.

Meditation, when practiced correctly and diligently, activates and reveals the Inner Light within us. This is a deeply blissful, fulfilling, happy and nourishing inner experience.

What is the Inner Light?

Simply put, the inner light is the universal essence and vibration out of which we are all made. So in a way we can say that Light in the original sense of the word is our very Source. Inner Light is where we come from and what we are made of. It’s important to note here that when I say Inner Light I talk about a direct lived experience that can be felt deeply.

As your meditation practice deepens, you move from the surface of the physical body to ever subtler layers of your Being. If you are diligent and persistent, you will at some point hit the layer of Inner Light. It is a most blessed discovery. When that’ll happen, you will realize that the words “I see the Light!” are literal and point to a lived experience. At that point in your practice you’ll also feel in your own experience how blissful and fulfilling this light is.

The Subtle Anatomy of Inner Light

We all know very well how important our spine and brain are. But what’s even more fascinating is the subtle function of these parts in us. The spiritual path of self-illumination and liberation which eventually leads to lasting happiness has a direct connection with the brain and spine. Through meditation our aim is to activate the subtle energy flow within the energetic spine and allow it to flow and illumine the brain.

The general sense of unhappiness we all share is due to being disconnected from this Inner Light which is the source of happiness and fulfillment. Through meditation we activate this inner light and start to experience the real meaning of living in Heaven. Imagine living in a dark room. It is very hard to navigate around and it’s very frustrating. Every tiny action requires so much caution and time. But the moment you turn on the light, everything becomes crystal clear and moving around becomes a delight.

That’s exactly the case with our internal experience. Living in a low vibration means living in darkness. Heightening our vibration through meditation, activates the Inner Light which makes life delightful.

The Kundalini Energy

Locked inside of our subtle anatomy is a very precious energy – the Kundalini energy. This energy is the cosmic force that sustains us and animates us. However it is only approximately 10% active. This explains why we don’t experience the fullness of our Being when 90% of the Kundalini energy is dormant. The spiritual process has to do very much with awakening the Kundalini.

As the Kundalini awakens, it starts moving up our subtle spine and towards our brain. Thus is awakens and activates our subtle anatomy and centers and slowly and gradually illuminates the brain. In other words, awakening the Kundalini eventually awakens the Inner Light.

As long as the Kundalini energy is dormant, we feel dragged down by life. We identify with our thoughts, emotions, moods and self-image and become enslaved to them. But as Kundalini awakens it literally starts flowing upwards through our subtle energetic spine and elevates us into a whole new sphere. As it activates the inner light, we start feeling the true bliss and happiness of Being.

The Bliss of Inner Light

The flow of Inner Light inside our very body and being is a most delightful experience. It is intimate, warm and profoundly fulfilling to the deepest parts in us. This is why when people said “I see the Light!” it always came as an exclamation of tremendous revelation. And a very happy one as well!

This experience is the only answer to our suffering and the way to get rid of destructive addictions. We are addicted to so many substitutes of the Inner Light: food, relationships, sex, money, status etc. These all pale into insignificance as the Inner Light is activated within. Once it’s active, we have the power to drop our destructive addictions one by one.

Inner Light is simply the most satisfying nectar of your very own Being. As this light flows like liquid gold up your spine and into your brain it activates a deep sense of peace, joy and satisfaction. Finally you feel that the purpose of your existence is fulfilled and that things make sense.

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