2022 – Global Yearly Forecast


Another year has passed and what a crazy year it was! Most of the younger generations (50 years old and younger) have never lived in a time of world crisis and indeed as befits the 5 year we’ve been in, there was a lot of uncertainty. You can check out my yearly forecast of 2021 to read about that feeling of unpredictability that was part of it. Now we are entering 2022 and yes, there is a shift in energies from last year. Let us explore what’s the weather forecast for this coming year!

Materialization from the Heart

2022 welcomes us into a global numerological year number 6 => 2+0+2+2 = 6. Moving into a 6 year globally means the greater calling to us all is to come together as a human community, to heal and to find deeper emotional maturity regarding personal and global events. After having experienced the turbulent weather of the previous 5 year, we are yearning to find a deeper form of stability and harmony. But as you can see, with all the 2’s and the 0 in the 2022, this harmony and stability can only be manifest if we find it in ourselves to significantly heighten our sensitivity, cooperation and true care to one another. Whatever we manifest this year will only bear positive fruits if we do it deep from the heart, from a place of emotional connection.

2022 – Heart Chakra meets Root Chakra

A 6 global numerological year means that we are called to unite two important energetic centers within us: the Heart chakra and the Root chakra. In other words, our motivations for manifesting on a social, interpersonal and political levels must shift to a place where we all listen closely and deeply to our hearts. Just being angry, self-pittying, blaming others for our troubles, guilt tripping yourself or others…all of that won’t work. The 6 and 2’s come to tell you this year: You must mature, you must listen to that still and subtle voice in your heart and let that guide your actions, your choices, your emotional behavior and eventually what you manifest on the most physical level. The connection of the heart and root chakras is very important on the path of human maturation and unification. This is why I believe that this year holds a potential for great growth to us all if we embrace its calling.

Undefined Future…waiting for Us to Define it

As I was examining the Matrix of this year (also known as the Arrows of Pythagoras) I saw the two empty plains that stood out to me regarding our future: the empty 1-4-7 and the empty 7-8-9. The empty 7-8-9 shows that we feel globally that the future is uncertain and unclear. This can cause many feelings of anxiety, fear and as a result a reaction of holding on to the known or to ideas and habits that aren’t necessarily healthy for us, but that give us a fake sense of safety and knowing. However, on a deeper level, this is a calling for us to define the future through an openness and willingness to feel and come together.

Matrix 2022

The empty 1-4-7 plain shows that our ground feels shaky, it’s a bit like standing on air with nothing clear or solid – again, a feeling that can cause fear and anxiety. Nevertheless, here too, the calling is to go deeper within as a collective and plug into deeper, subtler inner resources, more spiritual in essence and to re-build our foundations on all levels from much wiser and inspired levels of being. We will feel a lot of disappointment and disillusionment from social structures that have been with us for decades and centuries, but we need not get stuck in wallowing over this and rather come together to reform our values and as a result our actions and social structures.

The code for this year is: through sensitivity, openness and willingness to work together we can build a future based on loving and harmonious human values.

Understanding What’s Good for Us

In the Matrix we also see a powerful intensification on the 2 slot. This shows how as a collective we are almost pushed to the corner to find and feel what is truly good for us. This has been the case since we shifted into the year 2000, but is now powerfully emphasized in 2022. What makes us feel safe? Feel at home? It’s an invitation to be more resourceful and accurate with what’s truly healthy for us. Nevertheless we must be careful with an intensification of the 2 slot in the matrix that we don’t become too selfish and forget the collective. Only thinking about what makes ME feel good is the wrong approach this year. The correct approach this year will be: what makes US feel good (not only according to my personal wishes). We can potentially become much more attuned as a collective to what we truly long for and that can set the course for a better future.

Matrix 2022

Interestingly the number 6 also appears in the matrix which tells me that slowly slowly all the information and knowledge we have gathered through study and experience about the world crisis will start to yield results. What I mean by that, is that potentially, out of all the bits and pieces of information, the many opinions and researches about the pandemic, there will emerge a more organized and coherent understanding and body of knowledge of how to handle it. There will be a clearer sense of understanding of how the virus works and what to do with it.

Collective Healing in 2022

A global year number 6 lead by so many 2’s sends a clear message: it’s time to heal! We as a collective need to heal. This will most probably bring to the surface many emotions, tears and pains we carried on our hearts. It’s time for a collective therapy. We will need each other this year – our friends, families, community. Togetherness is key to become stronger. We may very well feel emotionally vulnerable and ultra sensitive this year, and while this can be a bumpy emotional ride, it is also a deep dive into our sensitive nature. This numerological year is unique in its invitation to heighten our sensitivity muscle as a collective. Mutual helpfulness is in high demand. Every violent or insensitive behavior will be felt in triple strength.

If you feel you need therapy, help, release, go for it. We all need it. And the more of us take the responsibility and act on that, the better it’ll be for us all. We need people who are willing to heal, to touch their emotions in a mature and constructive way. We need more and more people who are willing to be touched deeply and truly feel. Not an easy request of humanity considering how rough and tough we are, but a very important and meaningful one. But if we go with this cosmic energy wave, we may well see a year that will mark a change of direction for humanity. A positive change for a truly better future.

So make sure to gather good people around you, stay in touch with friends and family, express love and allow love to come your way, care for your community and not only yourself. These are the instructions of the year. This year is a global cry for emotional connection. Let us make it come true!

Moving Steadily Foreward

When I check the global year, I always look into the secondary “life path” of the year which is the result of reducing 1/1/2022 into a single digit: 1+1+6 = 8. This reveals an additional energetic influence that affects the 6 year. It gives us more input about the direction this year wants to flow towards. The 8 frequency shows that we want to move forward, we want to find solutions to problems and we want to progress. It shows that we want to see results on a practical and tangible level. All the healing, the togetherness, the sensitivity and all the rest I’ve already mentioned above, wants to turn into something concrete and useful.

Having said that, during 2022 we should be careful not to be too dogmatic and squarish in our approaches. Having influences of 2, 6 and 8, all being even numbers, can very well make us overlook the potential for revolution that lies in the healing of the 6 year and instead be more dogmatic and stuck in convention. That’s also touching upon the negative side of the 6 energy which can make us hold on to the past, cry about what has been instead of looking ahead and planning the future to come.

If we do embrace the 6 and 8 energies in a harmonious manner, we will surly see solid progress in emotional, social, economical and medical frontiers. Looking at the 2 and 6 we see the potential for emotional healing progress. Looking at the 6 and 8 we see potential progress more on the physical level.

2022 – Putting it All Together

To try and sum it up, I’ll say that the coming year of 2022 is definitely an important year as far as healing and human maturation is concerned on an emotional level. It’s an important time to take inventory about the place of love, friendship, community and cooperation in our lives. And if it’s not present, this is the time to introduce these elements into our lives. From the details I see numerologically, I believe that we are about to lay a more solid foundation for our future as a collective. This is never a 100% promise, but that’s my estimation.

Remember to take time to feel what needs to be felt, to cry what needs to be cried and to appreciate what needs to be appreciated. And don’t do it alone. But don’t get stuck on the past. Feel, process and move on. 2022 is about learning from the past while building the future from a much more connected and sensitive place.


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