2021 – Yearly Forecast


So as the tradition goes, here we are approaching 2021 and like always, I have prepared a yearly forecast! I’m very excited to share it and also believe it’s important that we understand the energies to come. We’re in the midst of challenging and deciding moments for our human culture and these coming years are pivotal. Let us start our journey then.

2021 – It’s Time to take Action

The year 2020 is about to end and the energies of 2021 are already kicking in. This past year has been intense and brought up to the surface an enormous split in humanity that was always there. It’s as if it forced us to make choices about what we stand for. Choices between light and dark, consciousness and unconsciousness, truth and lies. As the new year slowly emerges, we will all be called to to live up to our decisions from the previous year. the 2-0-2-0 energy gave us the space to decide, but the 2-0-2-1 energy eventually tells us – ok, now step forward and act on what you’ve decided for! The number 1 at the end of 2021, signifies this call for decisive action. So if you’ve been staying on the fence a bit in 2020, this will not be possible anymore in 2021.

Action can mean different things to different people, and because we are far from united, this can cause quite some chaos. So be prepared for a bit of a rollercoaster ride. But don’t worry too much, this will sort itself out eventually – just more towards 2022-2023.

Now is Experimentation Time!

We are entering a 5 global numerological year: 2+0+2+1 = 5

Number 5 naturally is not about thinking about things, nor is it about certainty. It is all about trying out new things. That’s why this year we will try in many different ways to find solutions to existing problems that trouble us. Eventually the 5 should lead us to more freedom, but it can be a very tricky and messy path.

Our temporary Yearly Heart Number (Life Path) is a 7: 1+1+2+0+2+1 = 7 (January 1st 2021).

This means that the changes (5) and experimentation (5) that we’ll be undertaking both in the macro and micro levels, will be moved by a wish to find solutions to fundamental issues (7). Thing is that the dance of 7 and 5 together is quite a risky, chaotic one. It’s not a safe dance. It can bring about very messy and unexpected turns, BUT, it can also bring fantastic and brilliant new ideas, solutions and paths of action. It’s a bit like living on the edge – trying out things and not fully knowing what the result will be.

One thing is sure: this year will not be boring!

2021 is like a Kick in the Butt

Contrary to 2020 where two zeros followed the 2’s, in 2021 we have a number 1 following the second 2. To make the shift from a 2 to 1 can be how shall I say it…quite abrupt. As I already mentioned above, it’s time for action, but if you’re not sure what you’re standing for, you may feel like you’re throw into the water. It may feel a bit like a ticking clock, like decisions being made at the very last moment. Sometimes maybe even a bit too late. Some decisions will be made worldwide without us humans being in agreement about it. We may feel very conflicted but forced to accept that life is moving onwards and that there’s not too much time to complain, think or stay on the fence.

For some of us this may feel like a bit of a brutal kick in the butt. For others this can be exhilarating and a sense of fresh opportunities streaming in. You’ll either have the chance for making conscious (2) decisions (1), or feel like you’re split and can’t make up your mind (2 vs 1) about your stance regarding global events.

It’s not About Perfect Solutions – But about Moving and Trying

The energy of 5 is in full power. We can see it both in the global year and in the Arrows of Pythagoras chart:

There’s a lot of passion, fire and movement with the 5 energy coming in. We will attempt to try out new projects and solutions, but the thing is that they may not be fully ready. Still we will have to try them out. It’s a bit like an emergency time where one doesn’t have the time to figure out whether a certain medicine fully works, but must nevertheless take the risk. We will have to trust, move forward and take risks. It’s not a year of safety but of finding new pathways, new solutions.

Considering the 7-5 and the 5-2 energies that come online this year, I believe that many unexpected moves will take place. I expect quite a few surprises. For some this may turn out to be the most revolutionary and genius solution (7-5), for others this may turn out to be disempowering (2-5). These are fine lines we’re treading this year, trying to balance 7 and 2 energies (ever so sensitive and delicate) with the 5 energy (dynamic, experimental and passionate).

I do however expect also some positively groundbreaking events – so stay tuned!

A Life Affirming Year

Let us also not forget that the emphasized 5’s indicate a very life-affirming period. This may propel us to act in more engaged ways towards the health of our planet and definitely push us to move into a solution oriented thinking and action taking. The 5 also indicates a rather selfish energy, which may mean we are still not fully agreeing as a collective to see the bigger picture that supports us as a whole. But I believe that somewhere along 2022-2023 we will see a shift in the energies towards more agreement and calmness worldwide. This 2021 year (year number 5) will be pivotal in how our future will look like. We are about to set things into action that will impact our future.

So my friend, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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