2020 – Yearly Forecast!

Yearly Forecast

As the tradition goes, every year I give a numerological yearly forecast for the year to come. And this year we are shifting into 2020! So exciting! I’m actually very curious what this year will bring as the numbers show some interesting possibilities and energies that come online. So, let us dive right in.

Feminine Energy Rising

In last year’s forecast (which you can read here), I’ve explained the shift into the 2000’s and the meaning of the leading 2 as opposed to the leading 1 in the 1000’s. This year however, we are entering a whole decade(!) in which we have twice a leading 2 (20-20)! That’s fascinating and in my personal opinion encouraging as it means that energies such as sensitivity, listening, intuition, cooperation, teamwork and mutuality will be even more in the center. So my first point in this yearly forecast is that there’s a rising power of the feminine energy worldwide. Now please don’t misinterpret this to mean the rising of the ‘woman’ energy. No. Feminine is an essence that exists both in men and women alike as well as beyond both of them. This is what will be increased.

Yearly Forecast…Let’s Begin!

Let us start examining the numbers in order to understand what awaits us this coming year of 2020.

2 + 0 +2 +0 = 4
1/1/2020 = 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 6

Our universal year this year is year number 4 with an added frequency of number 6 if we take into account the universal entry point of January 1st. So first thing we know is that this year is about stability, building stronger foundations, creating solid plans for the future (not executing them yet) and holding on to what we already have. But to be more specific, let us look at the energy dynamic that leads to the 4 year to understand this yearly forecast better.

2 -> 0 -> 2-> 0 = 4

This progression from 2 to 0 repeating itself shows lots of energy of careful consideration and hesitation. It seems that in 2020 we are not quick to make any hasty move, but rather check our options very carefully and attentively. It seems that we want to form a new kind of stability (4) based on careful and sensitive awareness to ourselves and our surroundings (2) and move from a place we haven’t moved from before (0).

Listen, Examine, Plan, Execute

It seems as though in 2020 we will be much more inclined to examine different options (2) to move in new routes (0) that will provide a better stability (4) for the future. So we are going to mostly look at what we have and what can be done to come to a better plan for the future. We won’t rush anywhere this year. This is time to look at our existing resources and make cautious and well-thought-of decisions. So we are questioning and examining a lot this year. We are not running anywhere. It seems like we have understood this doesn’t work. We know we have many solutions at our disposal and perhaps it’s time to make good use of them.

This yearly forecast shows a strong connection between 0, 2 and 4. Which means that patience and openness is going to be our strength. Through patience and openness of mind and heart we may actually come to some important decisions this year. Implementation though I believe we will only start seeing towards 2021 which is a 5 year.

Passivity or New Beginnings?

Let’s take another look at the 2 -> 0 -> 2-> 0 dynamic. Eventually we are ending with a 0. This may mean two things:

  1. We will truly start from a new place, offer new pathways to create healthy stability.
  2. We may be too passive and lack a strong enough stance and spine. Too little initiative and holding on to the known.

However my guess is that we will actually gravitate more towards option number 1. And here’s why:

This is the called the Matrix in the Human Body method. It is known as the arrow method of Pythagoras in western numerology.

In the matrix above you, the two planes that cross through all dimensions of being (physical, mental and spiritual) are empty and both have a 0 as their plane key. (Further explanations on what this means you can learn as a numerology student). Since these planes are so important but both have zero as their plane key, I deduct from this that we will need and also use the 0 energy to start from a fresh new place.

Notice also the 2 and 4 in the matrix which tell us that we’re listening much more to what’s accurate and good for us. This in my eyes is a good sign.

Yearly Forecast with a potential breakthrough

Another aspect of this numerological yearly forecast is the big X that is formed in the matrix above. As a numerologist it tells me that we feel like we want to break out of some prison in 2020. Fortunately there is more openness and listening which may allow exactly that. I don’t know if we’ll see any actions yet. However on the level of meaningful agreements and strategies for the future we may very well progress. In the beginning I also mentioned the 6 energy. So we have 2,4 and 6. All even numbers. I believe it means we will be much more inclined to cooperate this year, find reasonable solutions for our future and be more cautious in our steps.

The year is starting on a tone of 4-5-6. This indicates that we will progress gradually but safely. It also means we will be very down to earth and deal with concrete matters that demand solutions. We might feel like we want already to change things, but we’ll need to wait patiently and prepare the ground well for next year!

I hope this yearly forecast gives you some valuable food for thought!

Check out the following video for more insight about 2020:

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