There is No Death

No Death

We are all afraid of death. It is perhaps the most fundamental fear every human being shares. And it drives our entire lives in ways we can’t even start to understand. But what if there is no death? What if “death” is simply a word that since its birth was filled with a completely wrong meaning? Spiritual realization reveals a totally different reality behind this misunderstood event called death and perhaps a much more bright and hopeful one.

No Annihilation in Existence

What we were taught to believe about death is that it is an extinction. An absolute end to existence itself. This belief creates the experience of tragedy. We live this amazing colorful life, build connections, have a family, work hard…and all for nothing. It all vanishes into nothing. As long as we live in this false perception of death, reality will always have a tragic quality to it. As a matter of fact I’d like to make a bold claim.

If we really knew that death is annihilation, we would not be able to survive emotionally. We would all be crushed to the bone.

But something inside of us knows a completely different reality. Deep down we know there is no death. Can you actually imagine an end to your existence? Where can existence disappear into?

Realizing No Death

In deep and authentic spiritual practice we investigate the nature of reality experientially. The deeper we go, the more obvious it becomes: reality is One. There is no separation. And the discovery of Oneness is an enormous celebration, because it heals the most primordial wound inside of us. The wound of feeling isolated in a cold universe without a meaning. The revelation of oneness as we continue entering it, allows us to see that the opposites we call birth and death are contained within a bigger and absolute reality called life. Life doesn’t have an opposite. It is eternal.

To put it simply: there is no death. Yes, try to swallow that.

Although most of us are super happy to hear such a claim, it is not that easy to rewire our entire body-mind complex to accept that. Our whole instinct has been deeply conditioned to fear extinction for thousands of years. So in order to truly accept no death, we must practice meditation deeply and see again and again that there is no death. That all there is, is life and more life. We must become convinced internally and experientially.

Death is Life Amplified

Not only there is no death (which in our mind is the opposite of life), but if you’ll ever meditate on the essence of death you’ll discover that it is basically life stripped off of limitation. It is the light shining bright without being limited by the confinement of the physical body. Whenever you merge with the essence of death through meditative inquiry, you merge with absolutely fresh life. This makes you ponder…are we more “dead” in our physical body than when we’re body-less? I’ll leave this question open, perhaps for you to inquire into alone.

No Death should be part of our Education System

Imagine that from the very beginning, the way you perceive the transition of death is natural and positive. That in our education system, we are taught that life is eternal and that it is infinitely creative. So creative that it doesn’t want to play the same role forever. Life (as us) loves being a father, a mother, a child, a sister, a lawyer, a sailor, a prisoner…but each role just for a while. We as Souls take on a role, play it fully and move on to the next. In the university of life, the Soul can learn and profess in many many different fields.

Our Soul in its many roles throughout many incarnations.

Now imagine how it would affect your life, your choices, your dealing with the “death” of a loved one. How would you behave if you knew there’s no end to life? That everything is one and you never truly lose anybody? This would be no less than a revolution.

We owe it to our children to tell them the truth. They have the right to grow up knowing the truth – that there is no death. That there is no threat waiting at the end of the road. That they will not be torn apart from the one’s they love. That love and oneness is the only nature of reality.

Don’t Identify with your Current Role

It is easy to look at your parents and think “this is my dad” or to stare at your child and think “this is my daughter”. But we must grow beyond these temporary identities and see through the current physical appearance and into the soul. Every being wore many faces before and will wear many more faces to come. Your mom is only playing the mom role for a while. Who knows what she’ll play next! Staying open in this way allows us to maintain a deep respect to every person and especially to those closest to us. In the end we all play different roles in the theater of life, but as we finish the show, we take off the costumes and melt into the love that unifies us all. Then it all makes sense. We remember each other. Hugged in perfect oneness and love.

Appreciation of Every Being

Next time you meet someone you care about, your partner, brother, or even the cashier at the grocery store, take a moment to cherish your meeting. Look them in the eyes. Feel the preciousness of meeting here again. Feel the beauty of intimacy shared between you that stretches beyond time as we know it. You’ve seen each other many times before in many different forms. What a marvelous and touching story it is. And it is real. Strikingly real. And it is all love. Don’t let an old paradigm based in illusion paralyze you. Meditate deeply and continuously. Inquire into the nature of death, and you’ll be amazed…there is no death.


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  1. Thank you for bringing this to Light. It’s time for people to change their perception of death, because the fear our society has instilled in us about it is soul-crushing and ruins lives. My son died and he is more alive than ever, fully present in this and other realms, and shares his love and broader perspective with many people who are open to him. People from around the globe have told me about their communications with him and how he’s helped them get through difficulties in life.

    There is no way a soul could cease to exist just because it’s no longer in the same physical human form.
    I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with other moms I know who are navigating losing a child.

    1. Post

      What a beautiful comment dear Danica. Thank you for sharing so openly about your experience with your son. I think it’s a must to share this with other parents. Especially with those dealing with loss. We should all learn to embody this truth and pass it on to our children.

  2. I believe exactly as you do. It is not possible to just live once. I think that we meet our soulmate in every life we live.

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