The Spiritual Pleasure of Sharing

Spiritual Pleasure

I will never forget the last words of Chris McCandless in the movie “Into the Wild” (a real story): ‘Happiness is only real when shared‘. These words touched me so deeply and struck a deep chord in the depth of my heart. At some point in my youth, the interest in spirituality was ignited. When I was 20 years old I found my beloved spiritual teacher and joined him on a marvelous journey of spiritual training and growth. During these years I received so much. I’ve touched places and dimensions I wouldn’t have even dreamed are possible. I’ve discovered a timeless wisdom and reality, a light that is almost indescribable in words.

The Heart must Share

To me however, the receiving of wisdom and light has always been closely tied to (or even inseparably tied to) sharing. What I receive I should also give. I felt that my heart wants to be given to the world, that I cannot live for myself. That all this wisdom, light and love cannot stay within the confines of my personal self alone and not be shared with the entire world. In my perception of spirituality, realization without the heart is not complete. Realization of wisdom alone, although liberating and expanding can remain very selfish. And in my eyes it is simply wrong to own so much richness and not share it. It’s a form of spiritual capitalism. It is selfishness.

A Fundamental Impulse of the Soul

When someone has nothing and they don’t share it is understandable, but when someone is overflowing with richness and doesn’t share, it’s ugly. When you have a remedy at your disposal that can cure hearts, open minds, touch souls, how can you not share it with your human brothers and sisters? To me this is impossible. Wisdom and Light must be shared. It’s not some moralistic idea, it’s a fundamental impulse of the Soul. It’s like an explosive power moving from the center of the heart wanting to pour itself in all directions. And I must be honest and say, that no matter how much you give, it never feels quite enough. I guess that’s part of the mysterious dance between an unlimited Soul and a very limited body.

On the level of Soul, if I only could, I would help every person on this planet…but I can’t. And still, this profound impulse to share never stops. So what am I basically trying to communicate here? I’m trying to tell you that sharing is one of the greatest pleasures of life. Pleasure can be bodily but it can also move into the Soul dimension. And on the Soul level, pleasure is in learning, forever learning and growing in wisdom and light and in sharing and shining this light with the entire universe.

Being Realized but Selfish

I’ve had the fortunate and unfortunate opportunity to meet some realized people who lived a very selfish life. And despite the wisdom and presence that was indeed there, something was deeply off. What was off, was to see a cringed heart, a contracted heart that doesn’t share its richness with others. And when I saw that I asked myself – is there any difference between that and the way we as a society handle money? Between that and the way people try to always make more profit for their own sake. To just have more and more for Me Me Me? The truth is…there isn’t any difference.

Wisdom Should be Shared

So we should be careful not to carry our selfish heart into our spirituality. We should not let a selfish and contracted heart rob this universal wisdom and light to itself. It doesn’t belong to it to begin with, so how come it tries to claim it for itself only? True wisdom is fulfilled even deeper when shared. That’s when things come full circle.


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  1. Hi beloved Tom, what a beautiful sharing !!!
    I also wonder how I can bring all this tremendous radiant gift of awakening into the world? At the moment I am writing a research book to help bring Shai’s teaching into the world: The Function of Mankind in the Light of Shai Tubali’s Radical Tantra. Nevertheless, I keep asking myself: How can I serve Humanity?

    1. Post

      That is wonderful dear Bettina! I’m very curious what conclusions you’ll find through this research.

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