The Soul at the Center

The Soul

I’d like to make a claim that some spiritual seekers and teachers may find odd or unacceptable. Most spiritual schools put an emphasis on liberation as the final goal, the discovery of non-dual awareness or oneness as the final goal. And while I absolutely agree that this is an essential and irreplaceable goal (one that should be attained), in my understanding, the discovery and anchoring in the soul is a deeper and more important discovery.

We aren’t meant to dissolve into Nothingness

The more I contemplate on the meaning of existence, I do not find that it is simply a wish to return back to its original formless state before all creation. While I see the profound and factual truth of having no separate self, I do not agree that the natural conclusion is that eventually it is about becoming nothing, evaporating back into nothingness.

Had the Divine truly wanted to stay in its original state, it wouldn’t have birthed the magnificent creation of the Soul. To say that the divine is just doing its Lila, its play, its hide and seek only to come back to its original state is in my understanding, a reduction of what the Divine is. I’m truly convinced that the divine intelligence created the soul with utmost intention in order to be able to experience itself in a more precise and vivid way. Without the Soul the Divine cannot fully appreciate its full magnificence.

The Soul holds the True Purpose and Meaning of existence

While the discovery of Oneness and Nothingness reveals the original formless, faceless and totally impersonal ground we all are and emerge from, The Soul reveals the purpose of existence. Nothingness has no meaning, no direction, no creativity, no existence. And so what do we make of all this magnificent, heart-breakingly beautiful cosmic creation? Is it just a mistake? A “fall” from Heaven? I don’t think so.

I truly believe and experience deep in my heart, that the soul is a creative manifestation of the Divine in the original form of Light. And as a Light Form it can venture into existence and be the Divine’s Body that can experience in a very tangible way the infinite nature of the Divine. It is the vessel through which the Divine gets feedback about itself, a self-reflective experience.

And that is the deep meaning and purpose of the soul. It enables the Divine to get a reflection of its true magnificence and rejoice in this dazzling beauty. Without the soul, no reflection would be possible.

Without The Soul Enlightenment isn’t Relevant

The term enlightenment or liberation has absolutely no relevance when there is no soul. The Divine is in its original state and needs no liberation or enlightenment. This term is birthed for the first time only when the Soul is birthed. So in fact, it is within the context of the Soul that enlightenment and liberation become relevant. The more enlightened and liberated a Soul becomes, the better it can embody and reflect the Divine to itself. That’s why enlightenment/liberation is not an end at all!

The true joy of the Divine is to have a form or Light – the Soul – through which it can progressively experience more and more of its infinite nature. The existence of Soul is what makes the journey of enlightenment so profoundly meaningful, epic and legendary. No soul – no need to talk about enlightenment…literally…this term is simply rendered obsolete and irrelevant. It is only within the context of The Soul’s Journey that endless enlightenment becomes meaningful.

The Marriage of Form & Formlessness

In fact it is in the settling and rooting in Soul consciousness that one finds the deepest form of fulfillment. The reason for that is that the soul is both impersonal and personal, both form and formlessness. It is the golden essence of The Heart. And in merging with our Soul we find our true original home, our place in the spiritual dimension which is the abode of Divine Light, and the connection between nothingness and somethingness. One can say that the soul’s back is nothingness and its front is Light.

The more we evolve into Soul consciousness, the more we feel freed from the personal self and yet deeply rooted in our unique eternal essence, the truest us we somehow always knew ourselves to be. It is a deep remembrance and a homecoming. Some would counter this point and claim that we have to transcend the soul as it is still a subtle form of separateness. And I would argue and say that this is both true and untrue.

We must realize our ultimate roots beyond the soul, and know that on the deepest level of existence everything is the Oneness, the Nothingness, the Absolute. However, on a more subtle level of realization, one will notice that there is also a personal realization to be had. The realization is: that we are not just the formless, but rather a unique expression of it, and that this uniqueness by no means should be eradicated, but rather infinitely refined and cultivated.

The Goal is to settle in The Soul

When we settle in our Soul we finally settle in the true center of everything and find the meaning of this entire journey. We become both form and formless merged as one movement. And this movement enhances the creativity of our experience and gives magnificent and exciting meaning and purpose to our existence as a unique being. Again, if the Divine wanted to not have any differentiation, it wouldn’t have created souls to begin with. So I beg to differ and claim that the Divine indeed wants form, differentiation and individuation to exist.

Therefore the actual goal of the spiritual quest is to deeply realize and embody the soul. This realization embraces the personal and impersonal and brings all the pieces together in a way that makes total sense – without needing to cancel anything. We are not meant to disappear into nothing, but rather live in this form as in the Spiritual Dimension, to turn it into Light. And this task and journey are most fortunately – infinite!


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