The Natural State

Natural State

The true blessing of spirituality is when everything comes to a rest inside. This is called the natural state. Many of us confuse spirituality with many powerful, extraordinary experiences. But in reality, all the splendid experiences you have during meditation or any spiritual practice are bound to pass. They are not the essence of liberation and wholeness. In the end, if your journey is authentic, you’ll come to a point where things become so simple, natural and light.

Chasing Extraordinary Experiences

Did you ever ask yourself what truly makes you happy? Did you ever stop and take the time to actually check that? Most of us don’t. It is much easier to be carried away by the automatic pull of society’s conditioning and desires. So when it comes to the ultimate search for happiness, we all tend to do what everyone does: chase special, extraordinary experiences. We hope that by experiencing more and more special experiences we will find the happiness we long for. But is it so? Are happiness and freedom found in special states? Are the sky, trees, human faces, your body, the fact of hearing and seeing not astonishing facts enough for us? What can be more extraordinary?

Powerful State vs Natural State

The problem with the way we search for happiness is that we are doing it based on an age-old paradigm. The paradigm of wanting power instead of naturalness. If you check honestly with yourself, you’ll see that there is a belief that the more powerful something is, the better it is. This, in reality has nothing to do with your freedom and happiness. If you want to ever grow into true spirituality, into the natural state, you’ll have to see the whole fallacy of power. Powerful does not mean real or authentic. It is what it is – powerful. But spirituality is about liberation, not power. It is about being freed from all the burden of being a somebody special and coming back to the natural state of being empty, light and simple. This is the greatest happiness.

When you are light and simple, you realize you need nothing. You are simply content. That is a miracle! The prospect of power always tells you, you need more and more, greater and greater in order to be whole and content. This is diametrically opposed to the Truth of life.

The Natural State is the Happiest State

As you mature and ripen on the spiritual path, you start to discover that strong and powerful experiences are sweet but not central. They are never there to stay. Moreso, if you become really silent within, you’ll notice that powerful experiences are a form of disturbance to your natural state. They come and reveal something beautiful. But if they continue for too long it’s irritating to the nervous system. And it makes total sense. Because inherently, you want to come back to the harmonious middle line of simplicity and naturalness. Happiness is not an extreme state. It is simple, tender, subtle and light. To be happy is to be silent and without excess desire. It is never found in some extreme state or constant powerful experience.

Naturalness is Never Found in Polarities

You simply can’t find happiness and freedom in extremes. Every time you’ll move towards an extreme view, behavior or experience, quickly enough you’ll be pulled into the very opposite extreme. Just like a pendulum. Back and forth, back and forth. This is one hell of a trip! And not a joyful one. Look at a flower and you see the natural state. Look at a tree, a cat, a baby, a river and you see it too. We move into polarities, or in other words, search for special experiences because we believe and feel we lack something. So we try to compensate for this sense of lack by searching for extraordinary experiences. But this will never lead us to the natural harmony within.

We say grandiose statements of love and revolution, or we go to special Ayahuasca ceremonies and experience all kinds of intense cosmic and divine states and we believe: “Yes! This is the real deal!”. Unfortunately it is not. It is inspiring – yes, but no – it is not liberation. It is not the natural state. The natural state is always revealed when things become quiet within, when all extremes and polarities are dropped.

All is One

When the real silence of naturalness dawns upon you, you come to see the Oneness of existence. Not oneness in the sense of being united with things or nature etc. But rather the very experience that all of existence is One and made of the same suchness. It is one golden ocean, and all the forms in it are made of the exact same gold. It’s really so – this is not a metaphor. And yet, it is so incredibly simple. But simple doesn’t mean boring or dull. Simple is innocent, light and free. It is silent and still. And what is a greater blessing than that? This is the real pinnacle of spirituality – coming back or growing into your natural state.

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