Higher Consciousness and Inner Transformation

Higher Consciousness

What seems very limiting on a surface level of our everyday consciousness: stuckness, self-doubt, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, even traumas – is experienced as a positive opportunity from the perspective of Higher Consciousness. Limitations exist only on lower states of consciousness and disappear the higher we move on the ladder of consciousness.

The Freedom of Higher Consciousness

We are used to experience ourselves on a very dense level of consciousness. For most of us the experience is that we are limited to this physical body and that there’s not much inner space beyond that. This is why thoughts and emotions are haunting us so often. On this dense level, consciousness is automatically identified with the body, emotions and thoughts. It believes that it IS the thoughts, emotions and body. This is a cause for lots of confusion and pain. It is one thing to experience a painful emotion and a whole other thing to make it your identity.

Dense consciousness however, can move into higher consciousness. This means in a very literal sense, that consciousness discovers that it isn’t actually limited to the confines of the body-mind. It is inherently free and limitless and can expand infinitely. In higher consciousness, what seemed limiting, completely vanishes and freedom is discovered to be the original and ever-present reality.

Transforming Energy into Higher Frequencies

Whenever you experience a blockage in your being, it’s an expression of a low frequency energy vibration. To solve a blockage all you need is to shift its vibration into a higher frequency vibration. When you shift into higher consciousness, you are literally moving all the energies inside you into higher and higher frequencies. When your energy moves into a higher state, you won’t feel the blockage anymore. All the heaviness that was felt when the energy was dense simply shifts into a sense of freedom, well-being and wise perspective. For this reason I recommend to meditate on a regular basis. By meditating regularly you teach your entire being to move into higher consciousness and conduct higher frequency energies. Over time this will become more and more stable within you.

Are you Really Traumatized?

Do you know what it feels like when a trauma you experienced in your past feels like – YOU are traumatized? I know this question may seem tricky – but bear with me. Yes, you may have experienced a shocking event, very painful – but are YOU traumatized? If you believe that all you are is your body, emotions and thoughts, your answer will be yes. But as you shift into higher consciousness, you’ll see for yourself, experientially, that shock, pain and trauma happened, but not to YOU. You are always free and limitless consciousness. That’s just how it is. In other words, lower consciousness simply means – consciousness in a state of contraction and limitation. Higher consciousness means – consciousness in its original state: free and limitless.

It’s incredible to realize that you are never traumatized, nor do your painful experiences mean anything about you. On the deepest level you are simply free and limitless – and that’s always the case.

Inner Transformation – shifting into Higher Consciousness

The process of inner evolution is not only a psychological process. In fact, on a much deeper and more fundamental level, it is energetic. Transformation means that you shift from a limited state of consciousness into a higher state of consciousness. The higher you move along this ladder, the freer you become on all levels. Your sense of identity shifts, and along with it, the way you experience life and what previously seemed like blockages. In higher consciousness you know yourself to be Light, Silence, Intelligence, Oneness and Freedom. Knowing yourself as such, changes your entire experience. You can see all your experiences – past and present within the evolutionary context of life as a whole. Nothing is perceived as negative anymore. This is revolutionary!

Moving Higher in Consciousness – Recommendations

There are practical ways to shift into higher consciousness. The main path is Meditation. A regular practice of meditation allows consciousness to free itself from limitation through the power of silence. Another form of meditation is energetic meditation. In this type of meditation you work directly to cultivate and awaken the Kundalini energy. This process is a sacred process that energetically releases consciousness from its bondage to the physical limitation back into Oneness and Freedom. Another way is to use the power of a question to open up beyond limitations. Pick a profound essential question about life and contemplate on it. This is a great way to let go of limitations and discover the boundless nature of your being.

No matter which practice you choose, the most important thing is to stick to it. It’s a bit like mastering a musical instrument. In the beginning it takes big efforts, but as you progress it becomes increasingly easier. Eventually it becomes automatic and free. You don’t even have to think about what you’re doing. This can also happen with meditation.

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