Finding Answers Within

Finding Answers

Growing up and becoming an adult means that you rely on yourself. Finding answers within plays an important role in that. And although we all grow old, very few of us become adults. We keep searching for answers outside of us. We trust mostly anybody else but ourselves. And when we do insist to trust ourselves, it lacks the necessary depth and integrity and is usually a form of rebellion. Let us explore how we can really find the answers we need inside of us.

Finding Answers for What?

Life is full of riddles and challenges. Many remain unsolved and that’s perfectly ok. We may never know why someone left us or why we got fired. Perhaps we’ll also not find a full solution to a physical condition. But there are certain dimensions in our life that require our active and conscious participation. These are the dimensions of our evolution, growth, purpose and liberation. If you want these parts of you to actually flower, finding answers is crucial. Answers for what you ask? Answers for:

  1. Your next step moment to moment
  2. What holds the deepest meaning for you in life?
  3. What is it that makes you restless?
  4. How can you find inner peace and lasting happiness?
  5. What do you prioritize in life?
  6. How do you hinder your own freedom and growth?

This is just a tiny list of very important questions that only you can answer. Finding answers to these questions is an ongoing practice that only you can do. No computer, no book nor any person can substitute your responsibility (and therefore freedom) here.

How Do I Find Answers?

Finding answers for such profound questions requires a silent mind. How to have a quiet mind? Meditation. Such spiritual questions that are the foundation for a happy and meaningful life have to be found in the very depth of your Soul and Being. You cannot flatten or compromise that! Unless of course you wanna cook yourself a really awful life (and I guess you don’t!). In meditation you have the possibility of developing over time sufficient depth of self-contact and self-understanding so that you can extract profound answers to these crucial questions. The repeated and continuous practice of meditation over the years develops great and stable inner silence. As you learn to dis-identify with all the noisy streams inside you, of thoughts, feelings, memories etc, your mind becomes very easily like an open sky.

When the mind is open and free it (you) can listen. You see, silence is your natural state of being but you must untangle yourself from all the age-old sticky conditioning to reawaken this silence. But if you invest sufficient time, effort and love into this – it is absolutely possible. This is my lived experience. My mind is constantly quiet. It doesn’t mean I don’t experience challenges or changing moods. But they happen always in a silent mind. And if I can, then you can. Period. The only question is whether it’s important enough for you. And finding the answer to this question is exactly what I’m talking about in this blog post.

Can I Trust The Answers I Get?

Naturally we start off as inexperienced practitioners. Just like children need guidance until they are sufficiently mature, we need that too. Especially on the spiritual level. Finding answer on such a refined level requires first a deep wish for truth and a meaningful life. Secondly it requires a total honestly with ourselves. And lastly, it requires good guidance. If we have love of Truth and Honesty, we will find good guidance and will also use it to grow and not to substitute our intelligence with someone else’s. Nevertheless a spiritual teacher is required. Why? Because they have already achieved a profound state of maturity, inner freedom and silence. They have constant contact with their true being. They have become real grown-ups. And as such, they can help us develop the necessary skills to grow into a spiritual autonomy ourselves.

That’s a precious gift. They can teach us the art of finding answer from deep within. They can show us when the answers we receive are not coming from our core and when they are. This connection with a teacher is invaluable. Naturally it is meant to make you grow. And once you’ve matured you won’t need the teacher anymore. But we shouldn’t flatten the path to inner clarity. It takes time. Many try to claim individuality and rebel against any outside guidance too early. This is childish and unrealistic. Just like a child thinking they can already go out there into the world when they’re only 7 years old.

Practice Makes Perfect

Finding answers within, deepens all the time. It is a continuous requirement of life. And a joyful one! It asks of you to show up and be truly present in your own life. Being absent will result in yet another mediocre, unfulfilled life that we see so often around us. Is that what you want? If not, then get to the practice! There’s no other way, nor are there any quick-fixes. Be serious about your life. It’s a gift beyond measure and it deserves your full attention. Celebrate the fact that you are reading these lines and are therefore informed about the spiritual path and meditation. And about the possibility to work with a spiritual teacher. Take on a practice for life. Make it real and joyful. Never stop and never give up. You will see the results and I promise you – they won’t fail you. So the train is coming…will you jump on board?

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