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professional numerologist

Many people are looking to shift careers or pursue ones that have genuine meaning and purpose. For this reason I’d like to talk about becoming a professional numerologist. For the most part, we work in jobs that neither fulfill us, nor generate any significant contribution for the upliftment of human consciousness and the maturation of people’s mind and heart. Numerology on the other hand, fulfills both and much more than that. Let us talk about what awaits you, should you embark on this fantastic and promising path of becoming a professional numerologist.

The Professional Numerologist

If you ever considered having a career where you are:

  1. Free to do what you love at your own time and place
  2. Engaging with people offline and online from all over the world
  3. Delving into the exciting depths of charts, delineations, energetic structures and the unveiling of human-life codes
  4. Constantly evolving and growing psychologically and spiritually
  5. Keep learning and expanding your knowledge regularly

…then my friend, I welcome you to the exciting and very real opportunity to become a professional numerologist.

As a professional numerologist you are in a very unique position nowadays for several reasons. Firstly, this market has very little competition (unlike Astrology for example) and yet more and more people are becoming interested in it. Secondly, Numerology is a solid, reliable and grounded system, rooted in ancient knowledge, which means that you will have a very powerful and trustworthy tool in your hands to provide incredible service to people who need clarity, struggle with decision-making or want to understand the bigger picture of their life (just to name a few).

In a world filled with spiritual methodologies that are flaky, inconsistent and ungrounded, as a numerologist you stand out as a real professional that can provide accurate and life-changing advice in a professional and respectable way. And the amazing thing is that after about 6-12 months of in-depth numerology studies, you can already start working as a professional numerologist.

Things You Can Do as a Professional Numerologist

There are so many things and ways in which you can empower and guide people as a professional numerologist. I will attempt to name a few, but rest assured there are many more! Following is a list of various types of numerology readings and services you will be able to offer once you become a certified numerologist.

  1. Destiny Readings – you will be able to provide an overview of any person’s original path, destiny and major lessons in this lifetime. This type of reading focuses on providing your clients with the bigger picture of their life-path and who their really are.
  2. Career Oriented Readings – you will be helping clients understand exactly what works for them and what doesn’t in terms of jobs and career. You will glean the exact information that will show what direction fits people and also help them transition from unfitting careers into much more fulfilling ones.
  3. Relationship Readings – as a professional numerologist you will support both individuals and couples find lasting and healthy relationships. You will also support people in resolving relationship conflicts. You’ll have the ability to shed light on people’s unique structure and needs in relationships and support them in finding a person that truly answers to their deepest wishes and structure.
  4. Predictive Forecasts – people always seek clarity about past, present and future. You will be able to look into every period of their lives in detail and reveal the true opportunities and hindrances that will play out during any time. Doing so, you will help people live with greater awareness, alignment and a sense of co-creation on their path. You will also be able to look into their past and give context for events that may have left them with question marks.
  5. Decision Making Readings – as a professional numerologist you will have the tools to support people dealing with crossroads. It’s not always easy to understand what to do, especially in times of pressure and stress. Numerology however, shows you where the universal energies want to flow and having this knowledge, you’ll help your clients make solid and self-assured decisions.
  6. Ask Any Question Readings – sometimes clients just come with mixes questions about all kinds of topics. That’s where you can offer them to simply ask whatever they want and glean the relevant information from their chart for them.
  7. Naming a Newborn Reading – the power of choosing a potent and helpful name for a baby is a service many fresh parents will be happy to seek out and use. Naturally, you will be able to assist them in finding the most suitable and supportive name that will define their child’s destiny.
  8. Naming a Business Reading – the name of a business can be a huge factor in determining its success. As a professional numerologist you will have the tools to choose a name that will serve the goals and intentions of your client’s business and therefore support their potential success.

These are already many options, but I assure you there are many more. Some professional numerologists love working at parties, special entertaining events or festivals. The options are endless. But I wanted to give you an idea of how many ways you’ll have to contribute and enjoy yourself as a numerologist.

Being a Way-Shower and Leader of Conscious-Growth

Let’s talk about the deeper meaning and purpose behind becoming a professional numerologist. Naturally, different people will consider choosing their career path based on very different motives. The motive I want to offer you (but without limiting other motives) is the marvelous option of becoming a beacon of consciousness to the world. I like to call it being a Way-Shower. As a way-shower, you are equipped with the knowledge and moved by the intention to support and guide people on their path of expansion of consciousness and soul discovery. My personal experience is that helping others is one of the most satisfying things you can do. And if that’s your career, consider yourself extremely lucky! There are various kinds of way-showers on our planet, from shamans and astrologers to palm-readers and spiritual teachers. Becoming a professional numerologist is one such way. And a powerful way indeed.

Choosing to become a numerologist, is choosing not only a career that is interesting and captivating, but also stepping into an endless path of self-growth, spiritual expansion and self-exploration. In so many ways it doesn’t even feel like a “job”. It is just a natural sharing of benefit and clarity with others. You learn to lead others with love and clarity into the next step of their path whenever you are called to.

Working as a Numerologist – What does it Look Like?

The amazing thing about working as a professional numerologist is that you can be very flexible. You have the freedom to choose the duration of your numerology readings or offer different options for your clients. You are also free to work both locally in-person or online. That means that you can also be a digital nomad which makes your life ever more free and flexible. It’s easy to travel to different countries and as long as you have your smartphone, tablet or laptop with you, you’re covered and can meet clients easily and joyfully. In fact I personally very much enjoy meeting people from all over the world. It opens my mind and heart and sometimes I even make new friends. I also know students of mine who combine numerology with other therapeutic or psychological modalities to support their clients. Some even use it to assess new employees in their companies. The options are truly huge.

All you need is your clients’ details, understand their questions and needs for the readings, and then sit back and enjoy preparing their chart for them. It’s a really enjoyable process delving into the codes, blueprints and stories of people’s lives. Once that is done, you meet for a reading and share your insights. And as many of my students testified (including myself), just watch and see your client’s jaw drop!

How to Become a Professional Numerologist

It is always good to read some numerology books to get a basic feeling and understanding of numerology. For that reason I recommend reading THIS article where I recommend a few good numerology books. However books are limited in their ability to truly lead you to the levels of expertise required to become a professional numerologist. Therefore, if you want to step into this extraordinary career path, it is most recommended to study with a numerology expert directly if you are lucky enough to find one.

On my website you can find my In-Depth Numerology Certification Studies page and read more about how you can study with me no matter what level you’re starting from. You can be a complete beginner or already an experienced numerologist. This program is designed to take you all the way from beginner to expert numerologist. It is an incredible journey of growth and you will acquire a method for life.

Lastly, if you aren’t sure yet if you want to go all the way and become a professional, you can take a preliminary step and sign up for my Self-Study Numerology Course which teaches you the fundamentals of numerology in an engaging, creative and reliable manner. After completing this course, you can then decide if numerology is for you and if you want to take the deep dive into in-depth studies.


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