What is Numerology? (old)

Numerology Readings and consultations

Numerology is a science and art used for thousands of years for the understanding of the human
soul and personality using one’s full name and date of birth. Our name and date of birth tell
a specific story, the story of us, of who we are and what we are meant to be. It tells us a lot about
our talents, capacities, personal traits, our deepest urges and longings, as well as about our
challenges in life and with ourselves.

Every person has a personal chart based on their unique name and date of birth and this chart
reveals so many details about your soul journey and gives information as to what would
be best for you to follow or act upon so that your career, aspirations and general happiness
are fulfilled. Through the reading we can both see what is most important for you to do in your
life, the very fabric of your path, that would make you most in tune with yourself.

Few know, that the genius and famous Pythagoras who contributed so much to mathematics
and geometry is also considered to be the father of Numerology. Pythagoras regarded numbers
as living energies and universal essences that are one of the building blocks of the universe.
Therefore as you understand numbers deeply you can tap into the intelligence that created
and sustains this immense and wondrous universe and understand its workings.

For us it means that through understanding our own personal numerological chart we can
understand what we are literally made of, what are our inherent qualities and what’s the
plan of the universe for us. Therefore numerology is a spiritual yet practical system to help
us live in alignment with our soul’s path, with the bigger universal plan, according to the
the higher will of the whole. This in turn creates more satisfaction, happiness, freedom and
a sense of deep meaning.

Personal Readings / Consultations:
The personal consultations offer a precise and personalized guidance on a variety of subjects
based on the information that appears in your numerological chart. For example:

  • General Personality Readings – for a general understanding of your structure, of who you are.
  • Consultations about specific subjects – career, relationships, spiritual guidance, overcoming challenges.
  • Yearly forecasts (great as a birthday present) – understanding the opportunities and challenges of every year.
  • Guidance about right timing – for better decision making (moving to a new place, making children, starting studies, career changes etc).

Couple Readings / Consultations:
The couple consultations offer guidance on a variety of subjects that occupy couples
based on the information that appears in each one’s numerological chart and their interaction.
For example:

  • General Reading – to better understand the advantages and challenges of your relationship
  • Specific consultation – answering questions like how to improve your love life, sex life,
    how to overcome challenges, discover what numerology has to tell you about creating harmony
    in your relationship, what behavior is best to avoid, and what can enhance your joy with
    one another…and much more.


Personal consultation: 70 € /  300 ₪  /  80$
Couple consultation:  90 € /  370 ₪  /  100$

** Prices are provided in different currencies for Europeans, Israelis and Americans accordingly. **

Session length – 1 hour via Skype or by person.

*** Please note that I use numerology as a coaching / therapeutic tool. My focus is based on a holistic approach with a spiritual context guiding it. I do not believe in absolute answers but in our possibility to choose wisely and respond to the will of the universe in a more harmonious and intelligent way. Numerology shows us the energies working in our lives and certain tendencies but certainly cannot predict anything for certain. It can help us understand how to cooperate in the best way with these energies so that we have better results in whatever we choose to do. It is a tool that can help us mature as human beings.

Important: In Germany (which is where I live) I use numerology only as a coaching and consultation tool as I’m not legally certified according to the German law and standards to work as a therapist.  However for people outside of Germany this service is certainly available.


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