There are no Dead-Ends

Have you ever felt you reached a dead end?

Life is not easy. We all know that. And if you don’t know that yet, you’re probably still too young or maybe in denial. Life on earth is challenging. True – for some more than others, but nevertheless it’s not an amusement park. Oftentimes, we dream, we wish, we have visions, but our family, friends, surroundings and opportunities are anything but supportive about us fulfilling them. It is so common to meet people who stop dreaming, who stop listening to that profound inner voice of their Soul that knows there’s something much bigger and more magnificent in them that wants to come out. When I talk to these people, often what I hear is a thousand and one reasons why things are impossible. But are they?

Everything is possible

I believe in one thing. No actually I don’t believe – I KNOW. I know that everything is possible. Now you might hear this sentence and say “well if that’s true, can you fly?”, to which my answer will be absolutely yes! I might not be able to achieve it in my lifetime, but in the long run and with the right training and knowledge – yes – we can fly if we want to. It might take us 500 years to achieve that, but I know that humans are capable of everything. And that is because inherently we are incarnate Souls, made of the purest Gold, made of God Himself. There are no limitations.

However, I don’t want to talk about useless subjects like flying or teleporting…let’s leave that to our beloved futurists and genius scientists to figure out. We are focusing here about the central human questions of finding and manifesting a life with meaning, joy, true love and fulfillment.

Now this raises the question, so how do I manage to cross a boundary, a blockage that I tried to cross 1000 times but have failed again and again?

Self-Pity or Openness to the New?

This is a fair question to ask and even an important one. But more importantly is that we ask this question with the motivation to actually open up to a new possibility. If you ask it just as a self-pitying mechanism, then you’re not really interested to change, but rather to confirm your own misery. But with openness and sincerity of heart, this question can lead you to one of the biggest secrets that I’m about to reveal to you right now that will totally change your outlook on the feeling of limitation in your life.

The Secret to Authentic Success

So here’s the secret: always focus on the ONE step ahead of you, not the second, not the third, but the one step ahead. If you’ll come to me and say, “I tried but it didn’t work out”, then my response to you is: you haven’t found out yet what the FIRST step is, you focused on the second one. So this secret is simple and yet very profound. Your job is to always find the first step that’s available for you, that you can manage and ground yourself in. Once you’ve taken that step, you can take step 2.

This secret applies to all areas in our life we feel stuck in. We are trained to think in extremes: it’s either I arrive immediately to step 10 or I do nothing. We are deflated for the wrong reasons, simply because we are not working intelligently with reality.

It’s all about Eternal Learning

Sometimes the next step is to drop an idea, concept, direction that simply doesn’t work. You see, the point is that the best “technique” for crossing seemingly dead-ends is to always let your listening to yourself remain alive and never go dormant in search for some miracle cure that’ll take you quickly to step 10. This is a sure recipe for disappointment. You have to remain constantly loyal to your inner voice, to your Soul and follow step by step its guidance.

It doesn’t matter if you try and fail 7658 times (you are free to pick any other number of your liking)! Because what counts is the sincere and earnest attempt to grow, to go on despite any obstacle you come across. The very going on, is what makes you stronger, wiser and more integrated. That’s what teaches you how to be human, how to be humble and appreciative of the truly meaningful aspects of life.

Because in the end it’s not about reaching anywhere, but about the learning process as you walk.

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