The Role of The Soul in Numerology

The Soul

I think numerology is absolutely brilliant. Otherwise I wouldn’t become a numerology expert. It is accurate and can describe people to a T. And yet, there is a dimension about us that numerology cannot reach or describe, and that is The Soul. Some numerologists like to dish out statements like “old soul” and “young soul” left and right. And I highly disagree with that. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t disagree on a theoretical level, but on an experiential level both with hundreds of clients and in my own direct experience of the inner dimension of my being and what numerology can or cannot say about me.

The Soul Transcends Structures

Let’s shed light on what the numbers are and what the soul is. Numbers are representations of structures, tendencies and intentions. They are not and cannot describe the formless part of your being. The soul on the other hand is the totality of Light and Consciousness that we are prior to embodying any form or structure. That’s why as we move between lifetimes we can embody many different numerical arrangements and compositions. The numbers are great at revealing the intentions and conditions our soul has set forth during this incarnation. In that way they are incredibly helpful for staying in alignment with our deepest purpose. Yet, the soul remains beyond its conditions and intentions – a pure transcendent Light and Consciousness, beyond time and space.

And as you can imagine, numbers, which are a product of time and space, cannot describe something that is totally beyond them. They can only serve as a reminder and a pointer to the original intentions and help us stay on track. It’s as if they are a way of remembering what we’re here for. And yet, there is a deeper inquiry and discovery available to us on the Spiritual Path, and that is to answer the question of “Who Am I on the Deepest Level?”. This question cannot be answered through the numbers but only through meditation, reflection and direct experience.

Old Souls and Young Souls

Circling back to what I said in the beginning, there’s no way for our numbers to determine if we’re a young or old soul. Some numerologists flatten the matter and assign number like 7, 9, 11, 22 and 33 the term “old soul” and numbers like 1, 3 and 5 the term “young soul”. This cannot be further away from the truth. I’ve seen old souls with more childlike numbers and young souls with deep and spiritual numbers. As much as we would like to be able to determine such a topic with the numbers, we simply can’t. The soul lies beyond these simplistic explanations. What I can say, is that indeed an old soul can express a youngish demeanor with numbers like 1, 3 and 5 and a young soul a heavier and more serious demeanor with deep numbers like 7, 9, 11, 22 and 33. It can also be the other way around of course.

Point is, that the age of the soul remains to be seen and determined by actually meeting and getting to know a person and how they live out their numbers. The whole point of Soul realization is that you come to know a part in you that is beyond form and conditioning. Therefore, neither numerology nor astrology, nor any other modality of that kind can reveal how evolved the Soul is. Some souls embody more mature numbers because that’s what they need to learn, not because that’s where they’re at as a soul. As a contrast, some very advanced souls embody very young-ish numbers as a way of transmitting their gifts in approachable ways to the masses.

Understanding the Intention of The Soul

When we look at the numbers, in the exact same way as when we look at the planets at the time of birth, we are looking at an energetic environment, a landscape the Soul has chosen to play in. It is a description of the conditions the soul wants to experience in this particular lifetime in order to achieve its desired goal and growth. It is a bit like looking at the playground you will be placed in, a road you’ll have to traverse. And in this playground, on this road, you will need to experience the qualities, traits, events and blocks of the nature of your chosen numbers. What’s truly fascinating is that even if two souls embody the exact same numbers, they will manifest them on completely different levels. This comes to show that the age of the soul plays a huge role in determining how your numbers will play out.

That’s why two souls with the same numbers can have literally opposing experiences. One may express its numbers in deeply conscious and enlightened ways. The other may express them in unconscious and victimized ways. Both embody the same numbers but are in very different learning stages on their soul’s path.

Use The Numbers to Align with Your Soul

My recommendation is not to use numerology for discovering the age of your soul. This endeavor is futile and frankly speaking impossible. The best way to use numerology is to align with the intentions of the soul. Your numbers are like a GPS, a roadmap of what your soul wants you to be doing, practicing and learning. By getting to know your 5 Core Numbers intimately, you will certainly come closer to you soul. And what’s better than being one with the soul? Who cares about being an old or young soul when they live in alignment? So while the numbers can’t show you your soul directly, they certainly can help you become one with it. And by doing so, you will indeed come to discover your soul. And boy, is that a joy!


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