The Power of Odd Numbers

Odd Numbers

In my 1st stage numerology certification course I teach my students how to derive meaningful insights about the numbers without talking about the numbers. In this article I’ll be speaking about Odd Numbers. Generally speaking we can divide the numbers into two main groups: Even and Odd Numbers. The odd ones, represents a quality of indivisibility and therefore stand for individuality, rebellion, revolution and innovation. Let’s explore what the odd numbers can tell us about ourselves and those we love.

Odd Numbers Pave their Own Path

One quality that truly stands out when analyzing charts that are ruled by mostly odd numbers is that of strong individualism and not abiding by the norm. You’ll notice that people with such charts tend to question the status quo and naturally rebel against any automatic assumption about what are the “shoulds and shouldn’ts” of their own culture and time. They are the ones that think out of the box, look at things from a new and different perspective and are eventually brave enough to step out of the herd and pave a new and unique path for themselves and society. In that way, they are revolutionaries! And it’s important to see them in that way – especially for parents who’s kids have multiple odd numbers.

Just to give you an example from my life: my sacred triad (Life Path, Expression and Soul Urge numbers) are 7, 9 and 7 respectively. All are odd numbers. That’s the ruling energy of my chart. At the early age of 12 I read my first book about meditation and mind control, at the age of 16 started meditating regularly and had been certified to heal with energy, and by the age of 18 committed fully to the spiritual path to enlightenment. I never went to university, I don’t have a degree, I studied under the guidance of a spiritual teacher for 11 years in a spiritual community and now I work as a Dharma Teacher and Numerologist. That’s certainly not living by the book if you ask me! And believe me, I’ve been judged for my choices countless times.

Following Their Own Desires and Callings

By and large we can say that people either adhere to society’s wishes and expectations or follow their own desires and gut feelings. This is a generalization of course. But it serves the point I’m trying to make. Odd numbers are notorious for adhering very closely to their own desires and wishes in life. They are also usually more attuned to these very personal urges and impulses emerging from within their heart, gut and soul. In a way it makes them into freer individuals than the even numbered fellows out there. But at the same time, they may lack stability and the ability for follow-up. They may for example stick to a path of being an artist even if they’re barely managing to make ends meet.

Nevertheless there’s a power in having the guts to follow a less familiar path and certainly a less supported path. Moreover, the odd numbers will more often follow a gut feeling or an intuition about their path and stick to it, even if there’s nothing visible or tangible to back it up. Even if there are no guarantees. Their guarantee is their strong impulse and powerful intuition.

Right and Wrong

How do we define right and wrong? For some this may sound like a silly question. Like something that is obvious. But you’ll be surprised to know that what is considered wrong in one culture can be considered very right in another. Much of what we perceive as our moral and ethical values are not absolutes, but rather cultural and social adaptations. The reason I’m mentioning this is because odd numbers represent that part in us that loves to challenge the status quo, to cross taboos, or at least to seriously question them. What’s right and wrong, what’s good or bad is not a given for someone with leading odd numbers. It’s something to seriously question and oftentimes decide for oneself – even if you’re being judged and scorned about it.

I’ve already mentioned the rebel earlier. But a rebel has a bit of a childish connotation. However, in truth, we need to question our own assumptions and always try to look for a better future, and that’s exactly the role of the odd numbers. They pioneer new pathways, ways of thinking, and can revolutionize our entire perception of what’s possible for us as humanity. On the one hand it’s not always an easy job and it’s not uncommon to be met with resistance. On the other, it can be exciting, transformative and very fulfilling. I mean, isn’t it amazing to be able to open people’s minds to what’s possible?

The Shadow Side of Odd Numbers

The problem with always questioning the status quo, is that sometimes one may lack sufficient boundaries. With many odd numbers on your plate, you might feel like essentially there are no rules and that everything is possible and also ok. Such an approach when coupled with an immature psyche and soul, may lead a person to commit all kinds of immoral and unethical actions, while feeling internally justified. When this really goes south, you might see people who resort to crime. On lesser degrees, you simply see people who like to rebel against the law, go against their family tendencies, cross the boundaries during a workshop, interrupt a lecture in university – all just to make a point and test the boundaries.

As you can imagine, this can be a real nuisance and lack sensitivity to one’s environment. The odd numbers may lack sufficient grounding in a healthy sense of belonging to a world and society that can only work if we all respect the rules. In other words, they may tend to be more selfish and self-centered. Cooperation might be an issue. And generally speaking, they may find themselves always feeling like outsiders. Sometimes not building a family, not committing to anything long term, not being able to sustain long term relationships etc.

Balance is The Key

As the Dharma wisdom suggests, the true solution always lies somewhere in the middle. And so is the case also with odd numbers. I would say that the middle point would be to learn to embody the great revolutionary qualities of their uniqueness while simultaneously learn to respect that without rules and healthy boundaries, their unique thoughts and experiments would not be able to exist. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to practice some level of grounding and accepting of rules, even if sometimes in your own feeling, they don’t make much sense. It’s important to remember that life is not all about you. You are meant to revolutionize and inspire, not to create chaos. Honor your odd numbers and definitely do your best to manifest their gifts. At the same time, learn how to lean into the gifts of the even numbers to gain more stability and groundedness.


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