The Invisible Transmission of a Spiritual Teacher


When you meet a real spiritual teacher you might find a very eloquent teaching. You may be presented very fascinating new concepts and insights, perhaps even new models of understanding reality and its subtle structure. But don’t be mistaken – the most important part of a spiritual teaching is the invisible transmission of the spiritual teacher.

Invisible Transmission – What is it?

Many things can be seen by the eye and heard by the ear. Very often these palpable physical elements are what’s mostly appreciated and seen as real and valid. In real spirituality however, things are a bit different. The invisible part of reality plays an enormous role, sometimes even bigger than the visible. As explained in previous blog posts, the spiritual teacher is someone who’s transformed their inner world tremendously and got rid of an enormous amount of unnecessary baggage. This baggage is all the inner noise, confusion, doubt and fear that most people live with their entire life.

But now that it’s gone, the spiritual teacher has become an incredibly pure vessel that emanates a constant energetic radiance of silence, harmony and love. This energetic radiance is a powerful transmission that has incredible effects on the student.

The Effects of Spiritual Transmission

The silence and peace of the teacher is so deep and stable that being with them starts inevitably affecting you. All of a sudden, being in their presence, you find yourself becoming silent, peaceful, happy and hopeful. The worries of a moment ago seem to vanish into thin air. This invisible transmission of their natural energy field resonates with your energy field and raises your vibration. This accelerates your spiritual growth immensely and helps you open up to greater depth of experience. The teacher is like an open sky. They became so empty of themselves, so free and available that what flows through them is a wonderful calmness, lightness and ease.

It is a little bit like sitting next to a warm radiant sun. Being fed by its nourishing warmth and light. Feeling the hope and optimism it induces. The feeling with a spiritual teacher is very similar.

A Rare Opportunity for Freedom

The truth is that authentic spiritual teachers are rare because someone with such a clean and radiant energy field is very hard to find. Therefore if you find a truly awakened and liberated teacher, stick to them! Being in the presence of their transmission is like constantly receiving gold. It is the richest, most precious nourishment you can possibly ask for. This is what eventually aligns everything inside you and sets your Soul free. Isn’t that amazing? Everything you ever wished for, you can find in the presence of a spiritual teacher. You simply need to make yourself available. Next to the teacher you can become more and more still and silent. As your silence grows, you will be able to connect deeper with the teacher’s energy field. That in turn will transport you into even deeper levels of inner peace and wholeness.

Accelerating Spiritual Growth

Another aspect of the teacher’s presence is that it literally accelerates your spiritual growth. I will never forget the first years with my spiritual teacher. I was already a steady practitioner of meditation, but I didn’t expect such an acceleration. In my teacher’s presence my silence deepened immensely. I started awakening to layers of myself I didn’t know existed before. My energy body was powerfully activated and I became much more highly sensitive. I started understanding myself and others on a whole deeper level and my meditations took on a greater depth.

Over the years after my teacher recognized my own awakening and as I began teaching, students and people gave me very similar feedback. Many said they had their deepest meditations ever with me. Others said that everything becomes so peaceful when they’re around me. I hope you understand I’m saying this not to brag about myself. It couldn’t interest me less! I share this because it is highly important to understand the importance of the transmission of the spiritual teacher. It is a game changer.

Basking in The Sunlight

There’s nothing like a fresh warm day, with a clear blue sky and a beautiful golden sun. It is so deeply nourishing, heart opening and inspiring. Everything feels possible! In the inner world we must connect to the inner sky and sun and that is why opening to the transmission of the teacher is so important. By doing so with love, patience and appreciation, slowly slowly the same energy field starts growing in us. We come closer to our own true nature, silence and radiance. The genuine teacher helps us discover our own sky-like nature, our own inner sun. And nothing is more precious than that. But remember, that exactly as you cannot catch the blue openness of the sky or the warmth of the sun, the invisible transmission of the teacher is also unseen.

Be sure to heighten your sensitivity and open to the teacher’s transmission. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and the fastest way to spiritual awakening and liberation.

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