The Holy Spirit – Opening to the Sacred

Holy Spirit - Opening to the Sacred

The descent of Holy Spirit

One of the important facets of Spiritual Awakening is the descent of the Holy Spirit.
Although I have no religious or Christian background, these two words: Holy-Spirit manage to capture the true essence of a really sacred event in one’s spiritual unfoldment. It is a distinct experience of a descent through one’s Crown Chakra of a sacred divine essence. All of a sudden the words ‘Holy’ and ‘Sacred’ have a very tangible meaning. Something of your higher self has started descending and embodying itself in your physical self. You feel a sense of divine inspiration hovering above and within you.

The Gift of Self-Remembrance

As the Holy Spirit starts descending into your body, you are filled with divine light, silence, love and also a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself that starts informing your being and guiding you to remember and fulfill your higher destiny. The descent itself feels as if something enters your energy body from a few centimeters above your head, and when you connect to it directly it literally looks like a geometrical form of a Golden Bird’s Wings. It’s your own spiritual Self. That part of you that has not incarnated, but remained unified with God/The Whole or however you call it. But as you start to be in touch with it, you start remembering who you are on the Soul level and what you are here for.

Being an endless blessing

The Holy Spirit makes it very clear that we are part of something truly sacred and beautiful. We are always in Heaven – literally. Heaven is our natural state of consciousness, and not necessarily another dimension (although that can definitely be true as well – but less relevant for your freedom right now). And interestingly as this reality opens inside you, your heart almost uncontrollably wants to give all that it receives. There’s a feeling of being filled with abundance and a profound and authentic wish to be of absolute service to the Whole, and more specifically to Humanity, to our brothers and sisters. The heart is bursting open, and Love wants to be shared. This is what I call:  Being a blessing to the world.  It has nothing to do with some egoic image of yourself blessing everyone, but a natural impulse that springs from your overflowing abundance. Abundance that is received from your growing connection with the One.

A Pure Heart is a Magnet to Holy Spirit

Instead of trying to achieve spiritual awakening by striving forcefully, trying to conquer some goal, it is important to understand that spiritual awakening is not a state you achieve, but a revelation of your True Nature that is already beautiful, whole and complete. When your heart is pure, when you stop lying to yourself about what’s truly important and not important in life, when your priorities are clear, then you become like an open door. Being pure hearted is your nature. Look deep into your heart and you will see, that beyond all the doubt, cynicism, anger and manipulation, there is a pure hearted presence within you. We all know that. This pure hearted-ness is already the Truth of your being and the more you let it bloom, it will open the Spiritual dimension within you.


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