The Beauty of the Pure Heart

 What is true Greatness?

When it comes to spiritual growth, perhaps the most important element one should cultivate is Purity of Heart. Very often we get fascinated by great and explosive experiences or descriptions of such experiences. We love to hear esoteric knowledge, magical stories of miracles and siddhis, past live stories and so on. I agree that all of the above is very fascinating, but in my eyes, what’s even more miraculous is a Pure and Honest Heart.

As a collective we are very conditioned to appreciate power. Therefore when we see demonstrations of “powerful” phenomena such as all kinds of Siddhis, we are astonished and immediately tag that as true greatness. However, meeting a simple woman or man demonstrating genuine kindness of heart, authentic love and care, radiating an incredible openness and transparency, we don’t necessarily register that as great or very impressive.

Real Maturation vs False Growth

We are still rather childish as a collective. And part of our growth is to start realizing what has true and lasting value and what doesn’t, what has true sacredness in it and what doesn’t. You see, in the end, no matter what spiritual powers you have, whether you can affect the weather, do astral travel, communicate with other beings and galaxies etc, if Love hasn’t grown inside your Heart, all these powers are worth nothing. Oftentimes they are actually an attempt to substitute the real Purity and Beauty with Powers.

You see, powers can be developed by everyone. Simply practice and you will succeed. But purity of heart, true Love, authentic Care, are Soul qualities that demand the evolution, growth and flowering of your entire Being. To earn them, you have to be radically honest with yourself, look into your shadow, be willing to surrender that which isn’t true inside you. This is a real process of Spiritual Maturation and has nothing to do with developing this or that capacity or power. You cannot hasten it and there are no shortcuts. It is a falling in love with truth. And actually, to really mature into Love and Wisdom, you will inevitably need to give up your need to appear special and better than others.

What is Purity of Heart?

Purity of Heart is first and foremost a profound love of Truth. It is a genuine understanding that being truly Naked and fully seen is the only way to be and live in full integrity. It is the capacity to admit one’s faults and weaknesses, be willing to apologize, remain vulnerable and not hide one’s shadows. Purity of Heart means being able to hear criticism at every point in your journey. It means not using your power to impose any negativity, guilt or fear on others just to justify your hiding and unlooked-at shadows.

The other side of Purity of Heart is the allowing of the Beautiful Light within to shine forth with authenticity and in service of our brothers and sisters. It is the innocent capacity to back up the Knowing of your Heart with total trust and faith even at times when things are in total chaos. It is the growing understanding that true power is Service and Love.

So what are you going to choose:  False Power or Purity?

In the end we all face the choice moment to moment whether we choose to give up all the fireworks of apparent powers and choose Honesty and Purity or give up our heart and choose False Power in order to gain status, control and fast results. You need to ask yourself: Do I want to Impress people (self-centered motivation) or do I want to Touch people (selfless motivation)?

You see, powers can be intoxicating, fascinating, thrilling…but never fulfilling.
Only Love, Honesty and Purity can truly fill the heart with peace and lasting contentment.
Now let me make one point clear – I have nothing against Siddhis and Spiritual Powers. They are fantastic capacities of our Being and Soul. What matters is that we remember always that these powers are in service of a power much greater: Love.

If these powers happen to appear in your journey as a potent service of Love, use them with a humble and loving heart. But if these powers are a substitute for the real thing, you are truly wasting your time. And in the end of the day you will face yourself and your own degree of honesty.

So check: Do I want Purity, Love and authentic Spiritual Maturation or do I want child’s play with powers?

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