[testimonial] After working with Tom for more than 2 years I could say probably a lot more than a few words, but would like to keep it short:
I learned to see different options of acting/behaving in a moment of a crisis – in other words, honoring the contractions of life because of the learning what might be hidden there, and  also learning how to expand, experience the body-mind-complex in a more potent way. I also recognized a change in my way of communication. Growing into self-confidence  and integration of different aspects of my being. Experiencing deep inner joy and peace.

I highly recommend Tom as a wonderful human and coach, who is able to create a safe and warm atmosphere, in which he guides your processes with his huge knowledge, his openness and his big heart!    [client_name]Markus[/client_name][/testimonial] [hr] [testimonial] I went through a depression and this method helped me a lot to discover myself. When I say “myself”, I talk about a place, or let’s call it “center” that always remains silent, peaceful and happy within me. Even when things go wrong, this silent space is always there, it’s part of me. I’m every day more and more able to separate thoughts from emotions, what I’m supposed to be from what I really am. Even from the first session I was fascinated how much energy is involved in the process.    [client_name]Sonia[/client_name][/testimonial] [hr] [testimonial] When I started working with Tom I was going through a big crisis, feeling so lonely, uninspired, more undergoing life than fully living it. I had the chance to meet Tom at the right moment, he is such an open and compassionate person, one feels safe in his presence. He opened a space where I could explore and grow, each session we had was a revelation. I learned so much about myself, I also learned how to accept things as they are, be open and confident about life. I appreciated how Tom could sense and direct our sessions exactly the way that was right for me. I gained confidence through the sessions and became more and more connected to life, more joyful, I acted from a completely different place. I am really thankful to Tom for giving me this chance, he not only gave practical and effective techniques to work with but also his presence, wisdom and a beautiful space to grow.   [client_name]Joher[/client_name][/testimonial] [hr] [testimonial]Did the process for about a year, great thing. Helped me to deal more constructive with existing and upcoming issues in myself and allowed me to learn how to implement propositions of love, inner peace and openness, especially how to overcome dominant negative feelings and aggressions which had accompanied me for years.   [client_name]Franka[/client_name][/testimonial] [hr] [testimonial]After only a few sessions working with Tom I realized the beginning of a change occurring. I look forward to learning more about his fascinating method. It took me a long time to find a method that is using meditation as a tool for solving problems of personal growth and I’m glad I did find it finally.    [client_name]Ilan[/client_name][/testimonial] [hr] [testimonial]Through my sessions with Tom I learned to see things in a new light. Our meetings helped
me get through a difficult period. Tom is full of positive energy and dedication. His use of
meditation techniques as part of therapy is really helpful for the process of self discovery
and growth. Thank you for your help Tom!    [client_name]Nomi[/client_name][/testimonial] [hr] [testimonial]I’m a therapist in my profession and get to know many therapists that use different
techniques and offer different tools to treat problems. Through my work with Tom, my
opinion that the instructor is not less important than the method has grown even stronger.
Tom is attentive, accurate, sees with great wisdom the person that’s sitting with him and
offers a variety of ways to find solutions and to make progress in places where we feel stuck.
Tom’s holistic way of working, which is based on years of experience and vast knowledge
puts focus on the problems and on finding the solutions through the most intelligent and
deep observation. After our sessions I felt that I received a new way of looking at myself and
my surroundings and the problem I came with has been solved. I warmly recommend Tom’s
work to anyone who’s interested to discover himself, make an inner change and acquire
important tools that will stay for the rest of his life.    [client_name]Maya[/client_name][/testimonial] [hr] [testimonial]Tom’s method has taught me that meditation is an essential and extremely powerful
tool to understanding one’s self. With close observation, Tom guides you into a deep
meditation Technique and helps you understand the blocks within your own personal world
– and what is needed in your world to overcome them in order to manifest the life that you
dream of. I highly recommend!    [client_name]Ethan[/client_name][/testimonial] [hr] [testimonial]Working with Tom was very effective for me, As a holistic therapist myself
experiencing with Treatment, Healing and Spirituality, I was looking for a therapist
that I can connect to and has the right attitude and presence. I think that with Tom,
I found a therapist who is very honest and total with the treatment and the process.
He is dedicated to the work, he is always trying to look for a positive perspective and is
totally devoted to finding out what the true nature of things is, without preliminary ideas.
Within a few sessions I felt we entered into a new and unknown world, a world of mystery
that challenged everything I knew and thought about things. I am glad that I chose Tom
as my therapist.   [client_name]Nadav[/client_name][/testimonial]

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