Spiritual Mentoring – a Therapy model that actually works!

Spiritual Mentoring – a model of therapy that truly solves problems to their root

For a few years I’ve been helping people release blockages and personal issues using spiritual tools, wisdom and insight. But I just realized that I never really wrote about it in a non-promotional manner.

One of the things that strikes me in my sessions is always how quickly people who might have no experience with spiritual practice, tap into profound states of relaxation and insight. They discover very quickly that inside themselves there is an endless well of tranquility and wisdom from which they can draw power and clarity to address any issue that comes up in their life.

The limitations of Psychology

I respect psychology and see its place, however my experience has showed me that this model of therapy has little effect, doesn’t reach the root of problems and is an unsuccessful model of therapy as it binds people to extremely long processes of therapy. I just talked to someone a while ago who told me he went through a psychological therapy process for 18 years! This to me is the sheer proof that this model doesn’t work, not to mention the fact that it creates continued dependency.

We are much vaster than our psychological self

My way of working with people is aimed first and foremost to help them become their own Self-Authority. That means that they learn very quickly throughout our meetings to access and trust their own intelligence, inner wisdom and insight and find all the answers they need within themselves.

Another fundamental principle of my work is that: We Are Bigger Than Our Psychological Self. This means that right now in each and every one of us there is a freedom that is untouched by past traumas and psychological entanglement. This layer of our consciousness is exactly what gives us the power and freedom to solve any confusion we’re experiencing, or at least to be dynamic and creative with it (taking into account that some problems may accompany us for life).

The very notion that there’s a layer in our very own being that is always and forever free and beyond psychology, and therefore holds tremendous freedom, is a non-existing notion is the psychological model of therapy, and in my eyes and experience is the reason it cannot inherently solve problems to their root, as it’s always bound to remain on the same level.

I always like using Einstein’s famous quote: “No problem can be solved on the same level it was created.”

A modality of therapy/coaching that actually works

This is a profound insight and one we should consider deeply and seriously when it comes to our own healing and empowerment. As long as we believe that we are only bound to our psychological past and conditioning, we will stay very limited and feel victimized. However, if we discover through direct experience that what we are is much vaster than our psychology and past, that within us lies great untouched freedom, peace and silence, our entire approach to life, ourselves and our problems will shift dramatically.

The very discovery that a major part of our being is never hurt, wounded or limited, is in itself already a healing. It is the realization that what needs healing is only a part of us – but not us as a whole. What you are is not wounded, but there’s a part in your world of thoughts, memories and emotions that needs processing. This is a much healthier view, and as a matter of fact a more accurate description of reality.

Building self-authority and self-trust in clients

I’ve had people come to me after months of crying from sadness and within about 3-4 session start opening into tremendous happiness and peace. People who experienced so much self-hatred learned to love themselves and embrace themselves in a profound way without needing to come for 5 years of therapy.

I love encouraging people to trust and believe in their own wisdom, intelligence and inner resources. And there’s nothing more beautiful than to see a human fellow, another part of me, flowering and spreading their wings.

When it comes to our health and peace of mind, we should really consider what model of therapy, coaching or guidance we’re choosing. And we’d better chose one that sets us free and doesn’t want to keep us as eternal clients or that actually has the ability to reach the root cause and release it.

May this post inspire you to choose a therapeutic/coaching modality that actually works and sets your free!

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