Predictive Numerology – How to Properly Use it

Predictive Numerology

In this article I’d like to explain how to properly approach predictive numerology. Namely, how to strike the right balance between fate and free will. And perhaps to explain what numerology can actually predict and what it can’t. Hopefully this will shed light and bring clarity to a topic that both interests and confuses many.

The Main Techniques of Predictive Numerology

Numerology is a vast method that includes many varied techniques to analyze and predict. But generally speaking, the three main techniques that are the most impactful are the use of Personal Years, Period Cycles and the Table of Events. Each technique offers a unique and powerful angle to approach predictive numerology and glean meaningful information about the changing tides and energetic trends of your life. The broadest strokes belong to the Period Cycles. They show us the broadest context within which everything is taking place. Among my numerology students, I call them our “school environment”. Every Cycle and Pinnace we’re in (and in total we transition through 4 such periods during our lifetime), has its unique curriculum. And in predictive numerology, that’s where we glean the information about the background environment and broadest intention within which everything else takes place.

The Personal Years, are considered “short-term period cycles” since they last only 1 year at a time. Nevertheless, these cycles are powerful, have a very strong impact on our lives and are indicative of the most active and burning lessons in our life at any given moment in time. Every personal year stands for a highly concentrated intention and lesson that propels us to evolve in unique directions. To know more about each personal year click here. Finally, we have the table of events, which zooms into the personal year and divides it into sub-energies and influences. These will tell us more about how the personal year will unfold with more detail. Hence the name: table of events.

Fate and Free Will

I’ve come across some people over the years that are very afraid of what the numbers have to tell about their future. They think that some devastating fate awaits them and that there’s nothing that can be done about it. They get extremely anxious. I’ve also come across numerologists who dish out absolute statement to people left and right. In both cases it’s an incorrect understanding of numerology and an abdication or misuse of power. The truth about numerology (and about reality), is that there’s a lovely middle line between fate and free will. This middle line is the foundation of authentic and grounded predictive numerology. Let me explain.

We’ve all seen the sunrise and sunset, didn’t we? Do we have any control over the Sun’s movement? No, of course we don’t. The sun, does its thing regardless of what we do here down on earth, regardless of what we feel. It will keep doing its thing whether we make peace on earth or wreak havoc all over the place. That my friends, is called fate. It is completely outside our scope of control. Now let’s imagine a fine morning, the sun rising ever so beautifully, with its warm golden rays piercing through our window. Two people are sitting in that same room. One lifts up their head to enjoy the warmth and light of the sun, feels gratitude to this wonderful light and feels blessed. The second person sees the light, rushes to close the curtain and feels grumpy about yet another day emerging. This my friends, is called choice and personal attitude.

When approaching predictive numerology, you must remember that there is always a balance between natural conditions that are beyond our control, and our ability to approach these conditions with free choice. The role of predictive numerology is to show you the dynamic energetic trends affecting your life. It’s a bit like the weather forecast or like using a GPS. It’s dynamic, it’s revelatory, but you can still choose to walk outside when it’s rainy or take that detour even though there’s a shorter route.

Grounded Use of Predictive Numerology

Now that we’re clear about the balance between fate and free will, let’s be a bit more practical and use some examples. For this matter I’ll use the technique of Personal Years to demonstrate my point.

Say you just entered a personal year number 4.
Some would say: “Oh during a 4 year you should not travel and focus on working hard. It’s not a time to enjoy yourself. That will come later”. As a numerology expert I highly disagree with such statements! And you know why? Because life is so much freer than that! The 4 personal year, indeed has a unique theme. This theme is mostly about establishing healthier, stronger roots, for the long haul. It’s certainly a good time to plan for the future and possibly strengthen existing structures. But maybe you do the best planning while on vacation or while travelling? Or perhaps when you enjoy yourself and make sure to have fun regularly, you are far more inspired to take care of your roots?

The themes are what we can call “fate” while our unique approach can be referred to as “free will”. Predictive numerology is only trying to help us understand what’s the roadmap we’ll be travelling on. But we make the choice on how to travel it. Let’s look at another example.

Say you just entered a personal year number 5.
Now some will same that this year is pretty hectic and destabilizing. Some would even go as far as to say that one’s stability will be shaken. But is that always so? Well, I won’t deny the aspect of personal year number 5 that can destabilize. But what about the aspect that can open you up to refreshing and exciting new encounters and experiences? What about networking and opportunities? In fact, you may find that amidst all the opportunities and creative doors that open before you, you’re actually building a stability never experienced before in your life! Actually, for some people, simply being in that dynamic vibe of the 5 year, heals them and stabilizes them.

Do you see my point here?

Authentic and Grounded Numerology

The real purpose of numerology in general and predictive numerology in particular is to help us grow up. It is a method by which we can gain clarity on our path, own our life lessons and walk our path with grace. Wisdom and balance are key in the use of numerology as with anything else in life. When approaching predictive numerology, remember that you are simply activating the GPS for your soul. It shows you a dynamic roadmap. But you have an immeasurable space to approach the path and the conditions before you in an infinitely constructive and creative manner. If you want to become a numerologist, keeping this balance in mind will make you stick out from the crowd. It’ll be the foundation for being an incredible and reliable numerologist.

Predictive numerology is here to support your path, not to abdicate your power and creativity. If you do that, it’s simply a misunderstanding. Never give up your sovereignty and always listen to the tides.


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