Predicting Your Future

Your Future

Can numerology predict your future? Is it possible to reveal for sure what the future holds for you? There’s a strong belief (and maybe hope) that through numerology one can know exactly what the future hold for them. If the man of their dreams will want them, if they will get the job they want, if they’ll be healthy even in old age etc. But can the future be predicted in such a final manner? Is it already written or do we have some free will?

Your Future is Half Written

When I first started off inquiring into numerology, I too thought that there’s a way to predict my future. I hoped that numerology will be able to promise me a safe and promising future and spare me the worry and uncertainty. Interestingly, the deeper I went into numerology and especially after I became a professional numerologist myself, I realized, that knowing your future is well…a bit tricky. I’ve given hundreds of readings to people of all ages and kinds and I’ve discovered something quite different. I noticed that through numerology I can certainly see the seasons and tendencies in people’s lives, but I couldn’t tell how they will respond to and work with those seasons.

This humbled me deeply. I realized that I will never be able to say to someone: “I know your future”. That would make me a liar. Your future is partially written and partially in your hands.

Your Future is a Probability

If everything was written and no free will given, life would be very uncreative. But luckily things are not so. When I meet people for a numerology reading, I always tell them that what I see is where the winds are blowing. I cannot know for sure though, how they will react to the winds. Will they surf the wave of opportunity or will they miss it? Will they enter the doors that open before them or will they always stay on the fence? These are the unknown factors that numerology cannot answer. And that’s the difference between giving an overly confident statement of future prediction and a statement of future probability.

Every system has its limitations. Numerology for example can’t really reveal what Soul embodies the structure that the chart reveals. Two people with very similar or even identical charts can turn out very differently. That’s because the Soul of one can be very evolved while the other very young and inexperienced.

What Can Numerology Reveal?

Let me demonstrate this through an elaborate example.
Say a woman in her 40’s comes to me and asks me – will I meet the love of my life in the coming year? Next step for me is to check her numerology chart. Take into account that the chart is composed of many many elements and I’ll mention here just a few.

Here’s her 5 Core Numbers:

Heart number – 5
Hands number – 6
Head number – 2
Legs number – 9
Minor heart number – 3

According to her core numbers I can already see that in essence there’s a conflict between freedom and intimacy. Her core heart numbers – 5 (major) and 3 (minor) show a deep love for freedom, non-commitment, and non-seriousness. Her legs number shows as well great openness and versatility. On the other hand her 2 (head) and 6 (hands) create an immense wish for intimacy of the deepest kind. What will she choose? Can I know for sure? No. I can’t.

Her Current Period Cycle Chart:

Cycle: 5 Pinnacle: 6 Challenge: 2

Through her period cycle chart I can see that the conflict is amplified. The 5 cycle and the 6 pinnacle pull her into two different directions and demand finding a fine line that creates balance. Her challenge 2 shows me that issues of intimacy – both longing for and resisting it – will come online. Because her heart number 5 and her hands number 6 are the core story or her entire personality, I see that she has a chance during this time to indeed find a good balance between intimacy and freedom. In doing so she might be able to finally find a form of relationship that will actually work for her and not compromise one of her sides.

Her Current Personal Year: 2

Ok, she’s in a 2 personal year! That’s a classic year to find a lasting partner. Number 2 also works well with her head number 2. It also puts an extra emphasis on the 2 challenge. I can deduct from that that life definitely wants her to find a deeper resolution with this topic. The door to finding a lasting relationship is open for her. The opportunity is there. But the subject is not easy, as the strong 6 and 2 energies that are present pressure her 5 and 3 essence and the reaction to this is not certain.

If she’s wise, she will find a way to have a relationship that gives her lots of freedom and joy and doesn’t suffocate her. If she isn’t that wise she might find herself falling into a trap of suffocating herself in a relationship that is bound to fail.

What’s My Prediction?

My prediction for this lovely woman is that she has all the opportunities she needs to find and create a loving and lasting relationship during this year. This point in her life shows me that life is supporting her in that and that the doors are open. But I can also see that it won’t be easy for her and that she will have to walk a fine line here and not compromise important parts of her being. I will definitely recommend that she attends to the subject of partnership and intimacy and will reassure her that if she will take the necessary steps she may very well find a lasting relationship. However, I will not promise her that it’ll surly happen. This will definitely depend on how she will work with her own structure and life’s current calling and season.

As you can see, predicting your future is a refined art and is not absolute. My attempt as a numerologist is to empower my clients and students to take full responsibility for their life. Even if the weather conditions are perfect for growing vegetables, I cannot just sit there and think the vegetables will grow by themselves. I must plant them in the right timing, water them and constantly take care of them. Right conditions are 50%, and my action and participation are the other 50%.

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