Pope Francis – Numerology Analysis

Pope Francis – the Pope with the innocent Heart

I guess that those of us who saw and heard about Pope Francis, can agree that he’s a unique pope. There’s something about him that is truly innocent, pure-hearted and full of genuine compassion. He’s also very known for his sense of humor! The pope doesn’t live in the papal apartments but rather in the Vatican’s guesthouse where he can receive visitors and hold meetings. There are many more surprising facts about this special man, so let’s jump in and take a look at his Numerological Chart.

Destined for Simplicity and Altruism

Pope Francis’s Heart number is the beautiful 30/3 – a 3 frequency that is refined by the power of 0. This is a clear sign of a simple heart, a heart that believes in the good on humanity, trusts in God and doesn’t tend to self aggrandize himself. If you look into his eyes, you will see this spark of child-likeness, as if something in him didn’t get old with age. That’s the gift and destiny of the 3 and even more so of the 30/3.

Now, this unique Pope’s Hands number is a 12/3! The 2 most cardinal numbers in his chart are 3’s! However the 12/3 is a totally different story. This reveals to us the beautiful altruistic nature, the compassionate and peace oriented nature of Pope Francis. The 12/3 is called a “High Number”. It functions like a Master Number and calls the Pope for a greater spiritual destiny for the benefit of the masses. One of the gifts and skills of the 12/3 is the capacity to act selflessly. It adds a wonderful capacity to give without conditions.

The calling to be a Leader for a Great Cause

I guess we can all agree that being a Pope is a rather rare position to find oneself in. You have a tremendous influence on people’s lives. The unique calculation of Pope Francis’s Heart’s Key Number is 11/2 – a pure master number. His Heart’s Key Number tells us about his spiritual destiny and his Soul’s calling to be a leader and influence on a grand scale. It also gives us a hint that this Pope might be a more evolved or ancient soul. It also shows his connection to a higher frequency, perhaps some would say, a connection with God.

A One Way Path

They say that when Pope Francis was 12 years old, he fell in love with a girl from his neighborhood and told her: “If you don’t marry me, I’m going to be a priest.” Now…that’s a man of his word! Even in such an early age of 12 he already had a clear sense of direction – whether conscious or unconscious.

As you take a look at his first Cycle and Pinnacle (the two major universal influences that affect the events and lessons in a person’s life) you’ll find the numbers 12/3 and 11/2 accordingly. This is again amazing, as they match perfectly his Heart Number, Hands Number and Heart’s Key Number! The spiritual influence and a sense of high destiny was there all along and drove his life to a very clear direction. He was also lucky enough that these universal influences matched perfectly his deepest

An unusual Pope

You probably know (and if you don’t then hear me out…) that the Pope is an unconventional character. He loves soccer and basketball and receives many soccer and basketball jerseys that would probably make many soccer and basketball fans jealous! He also loves Tango and in fact on his 78th birthday there was a mass Tango dancing in the Vatican to celebrate his birthday.

This incredible ability to allow himself to do what he loves, even in his high position, I attribute to his strong combinations of 3 and 8.  His Head Number (the 3rd most cardinal number) is an 8, his Minor Heart Number is an 8 and his Soul Number is an 8 (another very important calculation). The 8 with the 3 creates a truly fascinating quality of feeling that one deserves to get what one likes and enjoys. This Pope definitely knows how to enjoy himself when he wants, be out of the box, and dares (8) to express his innocent likings and sense of humor(3)!

May we have more leaders like Pope Francis

Kissing and washing the feet of AIDS patients, of juvenile delinquents, including a Muslim woman, blessing a man full of tumors and much more, Pope Francis is indeed an example of the true spirit of Christianity and of Christ. May we have more inspiring leaders like him that are driven by a pure heart and the honest wish to create a better world with peace and tolerance.

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