Numerology – a key to wise parenting

Numerology – a key to wise parenting

Being a parent is a complex task. Rewarding, challenging, frustrating, uncontrolled, deeply beautiful and most of all an uncharted territory. The responsibility of raising a child, a living being, is one that leaves many parents puzzled but also with a deep wish to find a way to give their child the best possible education and environment to grow happily.

Methods of parenting

Numerous books have been and are still being written about the subject of raising children, trying to provide us with all kinds of educational approaches that are hopefully supposed to help us parents know better how to handle raising our child in a way that’s best both for us and for our child. However, the challenge here is that no method fits all. Different children need different educational approaches and different parents love different lifestyles. This is where we meet the limitations of methods. Somehow, in the end of the day, it’s a totally creative task, and a path to be created by us moment to moment as we advance and grow day by day.

Numerology – presenting a different approach to parenting

While methods oftentimes provide specific ways, approaches and principles to raise a child, numerology offers something completely different. It doesn’t offer another method that “fits them all”, but rather provides you, the parent, with a deep understanding of your child’s inborn structure, soul path, temperament, deepest urges and needs. It shows you clearly what your child is meant to be, learn and become. The lessons he came here to this earth to learn, the challenges that lay ahead and the keys to his true happiness. Although this is not a clear method, it gives you the most valuable knowledge you can have about your child so that you can have your educational path and style tailor-made (by you) for your child.

The parents also count!

Raising a child shouldn’t neglect the needs of the parents. Therefore you, the parent, should also understand your own nature deeply and thoroughly with the help of numerology. By doing so, you will learn to create an educational environment and style that is in harmony with the needs of both parents and the child. Eventually when the whole family member’s fundamental needs are met, it makes everyone happier in the long run. Parents should understand themselves and their children better. This will give them the keys to set their parenting path with much greater clarity, precision, meaning and joy.

Some examples:

Let us examine a few Heart Numbers (Life Path Numbers) as if they were your child’s core number and the possible meaning in terms of the type of nourishment and education your child needs.

Heart number 2 – If you know your child’s Heart Number is a 2, you know he/she is a sensitive being. They need attention, softness, to be heard and do not function well under pressure or an over-demanding atmosphere. They appreciate cooperation, intimate bonds and need to grow in an allowing atmosphere, in their own pace. They are deeply intuitive and perceptive and also much more open and with less defense mechanisms and so their sensitivity and vulnerability should be respected and even acknowledged as a strength.

Heart number 5 – If you know your child’s Heart Number is a 5, you know that essentially he/she loves and needs a lot of freedom in their life. They speak the language of freedom. Limiting those beings would be a pity, however letting them have no limits is also a disaster. While finding ways to let them explore life, taste and experiment, you will need to find the middle line between supporting their inherent need to be free birds and helping them understand where to draw the line when things become self-destructive. But first and foremost, remember that your child (as a 5 heart number) is going to live in their own way, that is probably going to be somewhat unusual. This should be respected.

Heart number 7 – If you know your child’s Heart Number is a 7, you know that he/she is a more introspective being. Born to look deep, inquire, ask deep questions about life, search for meaning and truth, these beings need to know that being different can be tremendously beautiful. Their uniqueness should be appreciated and they should be given time to explore their own inner world. It is very important to empower them to have deep trust in themselves and to know that within them they have all the wisdom and answers they seek. Making a 7 Heart number child doubt themselves is a very sad thing in the long run, which will probably cost lots of money in therapy sessions!

The parenting of the future

As we mature as a culture, we should educate our newborns in ways that bring out the best out of them. This should be an education based on true love, wisdom and understanding, rather than dogmatic beliefs, and generalized methods. The parenting of the future is one that nourishes the subtlest parts of the child’s soul, giving them the finest and best nutrients on all levels for their ultimate growth and flowering. It is my conviction that Numerology plays a great role in providing the ground, clarity and understanding needed exactly for this kind of emerging parenting.

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  1. My cousin told me that she is struggling with her son’s education and she wants to find the best way to help him have a good childhood. I found it interesting when you said that numerology can help the parents to properly educate their children. I will share this article with her so that she can think about contacting a numerologist to get advice.

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