Number Combinations in Numerology

Number Combinations

Of the many numerology books and websites out there, very few mention anything about number combinations. Perhaps the best book I also keep recommending of Matthew Goodwin, is the only one that wholeheartedly speaks about the topic. As a numerology expert, I find this truly mind-boggling, since if there is one element that is perhaps the most important in numerology, it is indeed the knowledge of number combinations. Without having a solid understanding of how numbers merge and blend to form new energetic entities and environments, it’s like not knowing numerology at all. It’s a bit like knowing you have pieces of a puzzle but having no idea how to put them together.

Number Combinations – Seeing the Real Story

Think about the puzzle example I just mentioned. If I know only isolated details about your life but can’t tie them together into a coherent story, then I basically do not really see you and who you are. It’s a bit like looking at dismembered body parts. If I’d only see your finger, eyebrow and cheek as separate parts, I would not know what you look like. It is only in their coming together as one unit that I get a real taste of your true looks. In numerology, this process of unification of information is done by learning the number combinations. The practice of number combinations consists of taking any two numbers in your numerology chart (and in more advanced stages also more than two) and discovering what happens when they merge into one energy.

It is important to understand the numbers as stand-alone energies to begin with, but it’s certainly not enough if you want an in-depth numerological understanding. The 5 Core Locations in the numerology chart (Life Path, Expression, Soul Urge, Personality and Birthday numbers) don’t function in isolation from one another. To begin with, we need to learn what’s the function of each location, but as we advance, we must understand how they blend and function as one body.

How to Figure out the meaning of Number Combinations

To start with, you must figure out your core numbers. But to make it even more simple and precise, I recommend figuring out your 3 Most Central Numbers – namely, your Life Path, Expression and Soul Urge numbers. Once you’ve got that covered I recommend taking each time a pair of numbers and examining them together. The most important rule in learning number combinations is checking what are the common denominators of any two numbers. You will find that some numbers have many common denominators, some few and some barely at all. This is very telling about the type of dynamic these two numbers will create. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

We’ll start with numbers 4 and 6.
Both are rather grounded, they want and need to belong, they care about home and family, they want stability, they care about tradition and the past, they conform to societal rules and so on.
As you can see, numbers 4 and 6 have many common denominators and therefore it is easy to get a feeling for what they create both in terms of character and in terms of energetic environment which becomes relevant when examining period cycles.

Now let’s examine 2 and 7.
Both are intuitive and subtle, they are naturally attracted to spiritual matters, have emotional depth and love diving into matters beyond the physical appearance. At the same time they also differ in the way that number 2 is very gentle and impressionable while 7 is highly individualistic and more cutting and direct. Number 7 prefers to be alone while number 2 always needs people and relationships. They have sufficient common denominators but also quite some differences.

Lastly, let’s examine number 4 and 5.
They are both physical numbers, number 4 pertaining to physical stability and health while number 5 pertaining to physical dynamism and sensuality. However, aside from that it’s almost impossible to find any additional common denominators.

When examining number combinations, this process of determining how many common denominators any two numbers have is very important as it will determine the level of harmony or disharmony between the numbers.

Levels of Harmony and What they Mean

As you could see, in assessing the abovementioned number combinations, some worked better together, others less and some almost not at all. In numerology we call this factor “Levels of Harmony” between the numbers. Overall we have 3 levels of harmony (although in more advanced studies it gets more nuanced than that): Harmonious, In-Between and Disharmonious. When number combinations are mostly harmonious they create an easier flow, an understanding, so to speak within the person’s character. The energies are in agreement with one another and form a clear direction in one’s experience. When numbers happen to be in-between, they are sufficiently understanding of one another but have some disagreements. This type of combination will create more evolutionary friction. Lastly, we have the disharmonious number combinations which have very little to nearly no understanding and agreement with one another. In such a case the person may experience lots of inner conflict, like two energies pulling them in opposing directions.

There are numerous things we can glean from the knowledge of the levels of harmony in our chart. We can discover new potentials, skills, unique emotional abilities, sometimes conflicts, traumas and all kinds of peculiarities and unique features that would otherwise be completely hidden from us. That’s why number combinations are such an important topic when studying numerology.

How to Study Number Combinations

Number combinations is a vast topic and naturally the best way to study it would be with a numerology teacher in the context of in-depth numerology studies. However, since not everyone wishes to embark on such a journey, the second best option is through the books of Matthew Goodwin. Of all numerology books I’ve read and come across, he is by far the most detailed about the topic and provides many great examples to get the hang of the matter. The last option if you are interested in a guided process would be my self-study numerology course. It covers all number combinations and even provides you with a table of all levels of harmony between the numbers. It’s not an in-depth account of the topic, but certainly gives you a feeling of it.

Once you’ve settled on your preferred way of studying number combinations, the best way to become proficient is: practice, practice, practice! Practice makes perfect my friends. Give as many readings as you can and apply the knowledge of number combinations into every reading. You can also try to analyze numerology charts of people you already know and see how these combinations play out in their life.


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