Number 3 – Ideas, Hacks and Repeating Mistakes

Number 3

I love number 3! I mean who doesn’t love them? They are almost loveable by definition. But no one is all fairy powder. So in this article I want to reveal to you some of the more unique sides of our beloved number 3, some of which are less spoken about. But I also want to show you some of the more shadowy sides of this number. After all, we are both light and shadow and they cannot exist without one another.

Number 3 – An Endless Stream of Ideas

Number 3 is often represented by the archetype of the child, and of all numbers there’s no archetype that suits the description not only figuratively but literally more than the 3. Part of being childlike is the embodiment of an endless curiosity and an unparalleled creative urge. It is absolutely adorable and inspiring to witness and feel the creativity of the 3 in speaking, writing and expressing in general. But what I want to point out is their unmatched ability to generate endless creative ideas. To simply always come up with some interesting possibility, perspective or course of action. For me personally, looking at number 3 is sometimes like looking at a nature phenomenon in that respect. Like a river that never stops creating new ideas.

For a strong 7 like me who thinks deeply and in abstract and penetrating ways, having such an unobstructed capacity for generating new ideas is something I sometimes feel jealous about. If you are ever stuck with a project, an idea that isn’t working or generally lack inspiration, talk to a 3. They will always be able to inspire you. They truly are a wellspring of endless ideas.

In Search of Life-Hacks

In essence number 3 doesn’t tend to look for something that isn’t clearly there (in contrast to number 7 that will always look beyond the surface). For this reason, whenever they want to solve a problem – be it health related, psychological or physical, relationship related, career related or any other life domain, they will most often not try to reach the root cause. Instead, they will try to find the right “hack” to solve the problem. They will try to find the right words, or the right behavior to not upset someone. Or they will try to find a special breathing pattern or physical exercise that will alleviate their anxiety. That is, instead of for instance going to deeper therapy to understand the root cause of the conflict in their relationship or their anxiety.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not always shallow. In fact at times they are the living proof that everything has a solution eventually and that we should never stop trying new ideas and possibilities. A pretty well-known example of the “Life-Hack” phenomenon is Andrew Huberman. Huberman has a Life Path Number 3. I love listening to him and he basically provides his followers with endless ideas and hacks on how to improve on basically everything. I do think though, that without proper balance, we may find ourselves living with a list of 30 hacks that eventually don’t allow us to tackle the real underlying issues.

Not Learning From Mistakes

What happens when something doesn’t work in your life but you keep avoiding tackling its root causes? What happens if you always try to only find “band-aid” solutions? Well, don’t be surprised if the wound keeps popping back. This is oftentimes the predicament of number 3. They tend to either think in terms of hacks or face-value solutions. And the result can often be a pretty sorry situation where they simply keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. That’s the beauty and challenge of every number. Their very strength is also their shadow. Number 3 is brilliant with finding new ideas and solutions. Yet, their solutions don’t tackle the root but oftentimes stay surface level.

When they encounter unfortunate events or circumstances in life, they will often not understand why it keeps happening to them. They will do their best to hack their way through, but to no avail. And because of their childlike nature (that can turn childish) they will simply feel that luck is not on their side. My strong 7 would disagree and claim that they simply didn’t inquire deep enough.

The Gift and The Lesson of Number 3

Nobody can argue with how beautiful and magical number 3 people can be. They are simply adorable! I mean, they gift us with joy, laughter, goofiness, innocence and a light approach even with serious matters. They won’t present you with complex paths and theories about attaining deep spiritual fulfillment (like number 7). Instead, they will simply say: we all want and deserve to be happy! How simple and true. Number 3 reminds us that life is good and simple. Their main lesson in the context of this article, will be to find solutions to their real life issues and not only their surface level. They’ll need to direct their incredible ability to find new solutions and ideas to the root causes of recurring issues in their life.


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      Dear friend, you can always read more about my Self-Study Numerology Course or my In-Depth Numerology Studies.

  1. Hey Tom
    I loved this article and its bang on. however I would also like to know some tips from you about how to handle the people with 3’s in our lives and similarly when you will be sharing about other numbers too.
    Thank you forthe time you put in to share all this with us.

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      Dear Khushboo, thank you for your questions! I’ve noted your request and will address it in a future post, article or podcast. When that will happen I cannot tell. But it will. Remember that you can also write a question on my facebook group! That will surly speed up the process of getting a reply.

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