Number 2 – Shamanic, Erotic and Magnetic

Number 2

Number 2 has gained itself a reputation of being oversensitive and excessively vulnerable. But in this article I will tell you about the amazing and unique strengths of this beautiful number. As you will soon see, strength doesn’t always come in the same packaging, and sometimes what may appear as gentleness and tenderness may very well prove to be an incredible source of strength and power.

Number 2 – The Quiet Listener

Who doesn’t love being listened to? But why do we love it so much? Because there’s something deeply empowering in being truly seen. But who knows how to listen these days? Very few people in fact. That is, unless you happen to bump into our beloved number 2. Number 2 is the ultimate listener. They have such a beautiful and impressive capacity to be there for another person, functioning as a silent container where the other can be seen. In that magical space of listening so much can take place. People can get in touch with feelings and emotions they were cut off from for the longest time. They can feel their inner beauty and strengths that may have been smothered and buried under years of negative feedback. A new sense of connection and intimacy may arise that grants a sense of deep fulfillment to their heart.

Now tell me that isn’t pure magic and power?

If you ask me, the ability to be such a presence is no less than miraculous. It is healing, empowering and liberating. It’s the ability of the 2 to help us slow down from the rat race and from self-escape and remember who we are and how good it feels to sense ourselves – even if for a short moment.

Intuitive and Shamanic Perceptions

Go online and read about number 2. You will often read about the diplomatic abilities, the mediation capacities, the sensitivity, but you will rarely (if at all) hear about the deep spiritual abilities and powers that the 2 embodies. People with a strong 2 in their core numbers, who are also deeply connected to their element, have the potential to have an uncanny connection to subtle perceptions of the inner spiritual world. They can perceive energy fields, frequencies and subtle spiritual processes in ways that can sometimes make your jaw drop. Number 2 can be an incredible healer, shaman and mystic. It’s easy to overlook the tremendous power of a quiet and delicate being, but believe me, much can happen in the presence of a strong 2.

When 2’s are connected to themselves, they can read you very deeply. They are able to sense into your Soul and pick up on the innermost messages and energetic trends of your inner journey. That enables them to truly know you from within and be able to aid you in such a way that makes you feel embraced, loved and understood. Sometimes just sitting with a number 2 fills you with that awesome feeling that you are ok as you are. What an incredible gift!

The Erotic Side of Number 2

Are you surprised about this title? Yes, our beloved and very shy number 2 has a very strong sensual and erotic side to them! In fact, their touch can be highly charged and arousing. Despite their shyness, they actually have a deep sexual urge and longing to merge and blend with another. That’s why when you have a sexual experience with a 2, you will often feel the immense erotic capacity they have to be penetrated, to let you fully in and to really merge with you sensually. They are highly sensitive to touch in both ways – being touched and touching others. That’s why when they touch you it can be highly pleasurable. And it’s also why, when they overcome their shyness, suddenly their sexual appetite comes forth and they enjoy being taken and can be highly sexual beings.

It is often the shy types that hide the greatest amounts of sexual desire and can surprise you once it comes out. Number 2 often needs to be invited and made feel welcome in bed. But once that is crossed, they become wonderfully erotic, sensual and arousing sexual partners.

Generating Magic and Manifestation

One last mind-blowing power of number 2 that must be mentioned, is their ability to make things happen by way of summoning. Imagine numbers like 1 or 8 and how they go about conquering their goals. They are more like goal hunters. But the 2’s are a totally different story. They tune in to what they want and need, and almost by way of magic, attract it from the universe. It comes to them, by way of magnetism. And that’s the last superpower I wanted to share with you here. It’s their ability to tune in to the subtle energies of the universe and turn into a magnet that makes their desires become attracted to them. Sometimes it feels like downright sorcery! And in a way it is.

So if you happen to be a number 2 and you were ever doubting yourself and how powerful you are, I hope that this humble little article will remind you how amazing and powerful you are!


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