Coronavirus – How to develop Immunity


It’s now March 17th 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. But is it only a crisis or also an opportunity never seen before? Let us explore together in this article the precious opportunity we are presented with as humanity and the steps to real immunity. This is of course based on spiritual and yogic wisdom and not on medically researched advice.

Coronavirus – a Global Retreat

Have you heard in the last 2 decades how very often people are talking about the crazy pace in which things are going? People rushing and rushing, pushing forward…but not really knowing where to. And this affects our health, and climate and sensitivity to animals and nature.

And then boom!
All of a sudden the coronavirus pandemic. We are now stopping everything and going into global quarantine.

And while this definitely presents challenges that we still don’t know how to face, there is a magical door opening before us. The world we have created and imposed on the real life is stopping all at once. Once and for all we can experience true rest and retreat. One way to look at this shutting down of everything is like the biggest meditation retreat ever done on planet earth.

Contentment Right in front of You

During this fantastic meditation retreat, you can’t fly to other places and gather with many people. Nor can you go to parties and to afternoon activities. Some of us can’t even go to work. So what’s left? What’s left, is the astonishing beauty that was and is always there. The trees, birds, music, sipping a coffee, reading a book, talking to your family or partner, taking some alone time. It is your opportunity to witness the incredible truth – you never needed to go far in order to find happiness and contentment. In fact, they are everywhere, and most easily found in the bosom of the here-and-now.

Feel it for a moment. There are no flights, less cars, less people in the streets, no work…what an unprecedented silence. What a sigh of profound rest humanity is taking. When was the last time we truly stopped the race? Truly plugged into the feeling of just appreciating life? We always live with the feeling that we need more and more. We believe that what we have is not good enough and we need better: a better partner, a better car, a better job, a better vacation. But is that so?

Waking Up through the Coronavirus gateway

This standstill we’re all experiencing came all at once. And the contrast it creates in relation to the out-of-control race we were in, enables a crystal-clear vision of the insanity and stress we were all in. An entire world under a spell. And all of a sudden – poof! – the bubble exploded. We are waking up. The entire matrix of the world we created stopped and we can see clearly. We can see that it is not cars and smartphones that can save us. Nor is it working frantically more and more. Rather, it is our healthy connection with ourselves, and our reaching out to one another with care and a sense of community.

The coronavirus, in the end of the day according to many reliable sources is not that deadly. Yes, we need to treat it with caution, but the biggest thing happening here is how it forces us all into a much healthier and saner way of living. I’m not denying the challenge we are facing here, but rather pointing out how this challenge immediately opens a door of immense positivity. Very often a birth of something totally new, comes with a certain death and pain. I believe this is what we’re witnessing before our eyes.

Developing Immunity to the Virus

It is very easy to focus on what we shouldn’t do.
It is very easy to focus on the dangers that lie ahead.
It’s easy to trigger the survival impulse and get anxious
and worried.

Fear and worry however are not such useful mechanisms for developing immunity. Nor do they create a sense of encouragement to move towards a brighter future and creative behavior.

So what should we do to strengthen our immunity in the face of the coronavirus?
Adopting a constructive attitude

The most important foundation for immunity is not focusing on survival and fear but on creative and constructive life-affirming measures. This mental-emotional attitude is the backbone of immunity.

Intimate communication

Make sure to take this time to open up to those you love, both family and friends. Get intimate, expose yourself, share your heart and learn to listen. True love is perhaps the most important power at the base of human sanity and mental and emotional health. It facilitates the sense of security, home and safety.


Meditation is a space where you can get filled with the silence, light and peace of existence. Meditation enables you to plug into a source of unending and unconditional nourishment from existence itself. It fills your engines with the subtlest and most precious nutrients that inspire you for enlightened and joyful living. Meditation also trains you to be joyful and peaceful regardless of circumstances.

Service to the community

To the extent that you can, attempt to be kind, supportive and helpful to everyone around you. If you can, extend your help to your neighbors, old people, sick people. You’ll be astonished how empowering it is to offer your help to others. It’ll rid you of fear and create a feeling of togetherness where support only grows exponentially.

Physical Exercise

Although gyms and evening activities are closed, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t practice some yoga, muscle workout or even a martial art at home. Even some good stretching workout can be highly beneficial. Let your body know that life is always flowing, always alive.

Reflect on Life’s deeper Purpose

Now that our self-created world is at a standstill, you can take time to reflect on the real life behind our society. What is life’s real meaning? What is real life behind the constant movement of our self-created world. Reflecting on the deeper meaning of life can open you to wonderfully liberating and exciting insights for the rest of your life.

Consume media in moderation

The media can be overstimulating and overwhelming. It is important to be moderate about your consumption of media so that you maintain a positive outlook on circumstances and your own intelligent judgement of life.

Spiritual Wisdom against the Coronavirus

If you practice yogic and meditative wisdom regularly and honestly, you will develop powerful tools to deal with life’s most challenging situations. From a spiritual perspective, the coronavirus is a wonderful opportunity to activate your spiritual knowledge and put it to practice. This is a time to use what you know and not resort to fear and survival.

We are in a time of great change and if you follow the guidelines given in this article, I’m sure you’ll come out much stronger on the other side.

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