Collective shift in Consciousness – Numerological Perspective

Collective shift in Consciousness – a Numerological perspective

Have you noticed the exponential growth in spiritual books and workshops in the last 15-20 years? Did you notice that Meditation and Yoga became extremely popular all over – even in huge corporations? And what about the fact of Complementary Medicine that is growing enormously in demand and availability?

Major changes are taking place within our collective human consciousness. We are in the midst of a significant shift, not only in energies but towards a whole new plane of existence within our own being that was rather neglected to this day.

Learning the Energy of the Number 1

For 1000 years we’ve been ruled by the leading number 1. Every person born during these years had at least one 1 in their chart. As humanity we focused on learning and actualizing the 1 energy.

The 1 is an energy of leadership, independence and willpower. It is an extremely masculine energy and is like an arrow that goes straight to the goal. It is decisive, energetic, and can become even aggressive and violent. It is not a compromising energy and not compassionate. It has a weakness when it comes to listening to others and embracing more than its own point of view.

As many of you probably already feel, people are demanding something different, something that actually sees people not as machines, that are supposed to work from day to night and eventually retire and die. We all want more.

The 1 energy has brought many advantages (but that’s for another post), however it created a dominant utilitarian approach to human life. It created very specific and narrow definitions of Strong and Weak. Those who were strong were embraced and the weak pushed to the margins of society.

You probably all know the Darwinian term: “Survival of the fittest”. It pretty much sums it all.

Shifting into the Energy of Number 2

However, as we moved to the new millennium, the year 2000, the ruling number is 2. This is a huge change of 180 degrees. The number two has already started to teach us (and will continue to do so for a long time) about sensitivity, compassion, humanness, care, equality, love. It puts the focus on the human heart, emotion and soul. It teaches us to truly be sensitive to ourselves and others and learn what really does good to us individually and collectively.

As we evolve into the ruling number 2, leaving the 1 behind, we are leaving behind a whole mental-emotional paradigm. As it falls away, a new paradigm is emerging and as we adjust to it inwardly, we will see more and more changes outwardly as well on all levels.

Embracing this shift with Love

It is time to embrace this energy with all our heart, to support each other during this shift. To recognize the feminine energy within all of us and to bring balance between the masculine and feminine. It is time to recognize everyone’s part within the loving and intelligent fabric of life. It’s time to listen to our suffering and work it out together without repressing or suppressing and without labeling every sensitive person who experiences anxiety, depression or other psychological adversities – ill or weak.

It’s a time to include and love and especially work together.

Let us make this shift together with love, compassion, wisdom and kindness.

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