Chakra Readings

Chakra Reading

What is Chakra Reading?
Chakra Reading is a direct way to read a person’s energetic structure and personality
type. It enables a clear insight into a person’s challenges in life as well as one’s unique
tendencies and gifts. It also provides a precise and clear path for psychological and emotional
empowerment and balancing for each individual in a very systematic yet flexible way.
Developed by Shai Tubai, this method of reading draws its inspiration and knowledge from
the ancient yogic system combined with Tubali’s deep insights gained through 15 years of
working with thousands of people.

How can the Chakras help me understand myself?
Each one of our 7 chakras governs a wide yet specific field or aspect of our human experience.
When a certain chakra is imbalanced we will experience an imbalance in that aspect of our life.
For instance, a person with a weak Solar Plexus chakra (3rd chakra) will experience feelings of
helplessness and lack of personal will and direction in life – as if one doesn’t have enough personal
power to take charge of one’s life. This will result in lots of frustration and lack of fulfillment.
Another example is a person with an imbalanced Root Chakra (1st chakra) who will experience anxiety,
general fear from living, difficulty creating financial stability, difficulty with committing to long term relationships
or jobs – as if one is a leaf in the wind and doesn’t have a stable physical and psychological ground.

Stability, Balance, Inner strength
As you can see, through the understanding of our chakras we can tackle any challenge directly and
accurately with a high level of precision and clarity. Instead of trying to solve problems in the dark,
we can have a laser-like focus and therefore achieve quicker and more accurate results.
Through accurate knowledge and practical advice one can create inner stability in a joyful and
systematic manner.


How can I work on the challenges that are revealed in the Chakra Reading?

After you receive a chakra reading, the next step is to use this knowledge to clear the central
blocked areas of your personal life – the beliefs, emotions, mental patterns and behaviors that
limit your full expression in life.

This requires a more committed personal process of spiritual mentoring through a combination
of Numerology Coaching, Chakra Empowerment and Meditation sessions.

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