Chakra Empowerment Sessions

buddha-1817648_640Chakra Empowerment Sessions

In these sessions we work directly with reading your chakras and bringing them into alignment.
One of the best effects of Chakra Empowerment sessions is that they help you connect directly with
your chakras, and balance their energy. This results in an overall sense of psychological balance,
increased flow of energy and vitality, and a growing sense of inner stability.

The major principle of this method is: all we need in order to achieve inner balance is to bring back
our energy into the center of the body, the central channel of energy that runs along the center
of our bodies – from the base of the spine up to the tip of the head. Once we centralize our energy,
through chakra awareness, energy work, meditation and inquiry, we start to experience an inner state
of completeness, of spontaneous joy and of emotional well-being.

Chakra Empowerment sessions helps you discover which chakras are blocked at any point in
time and guides you accurately and carefully towards releasing these blockages. By doing so,
the chakra or chakras involved in any specific or general issue/challenge in your life, become
re-aligned with each other and create one unified energetic flow.

Price: 90€  per 1-hour session

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Sessions are given via Skype or by person.

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