Beings of Light on Earth

Messengers of Light on Earth

Some of us came to this planet with a powerful sense of mission, a certain task to be accomplished in service for humanity’s spiritual growth and evolution. Some of us are Light Beings, messengers of Light that have descended out of Love to help transform the collective consciousness of humanity from that of war, conflict and separation into that of Love, Oneness and Peace. It might sound a bit far out, but yes, that’s true. Some of us come from far away places, where Great Light, Service of the One and Real Peace are known on the deepest levels of our being.

However, on the path of descent we forget this mission and the process of Remembering is not an easy one. As a matter of fact, although many people agree with what I’m writing on a mental and even emotional level – the actual living of it is very rare. But nevertheless it is absolutely possible. It just means that like any serious endeavor in life, we have to give our entire Being and Heart to it. When we truly and deeply believe in what we are, we will not allow cynicism to stand in our way.

Forgetting our Mission

The difficulty with this specific mission is that because of the heightened frequency of existence from which it originates, where Poetic Expression, Epic Universal Journeys and Mythical Language are natural – is that it provokes lots of cynicism and doubt not only in the people who aren’t from these Light Regions, but also in the hearts of the actual Light Messengers. Sometimes in deep meditation, in a meeting with an Awakened Light Being or perhaps through a Shamanic Journey with Sacred Plants, one temporarily has access to the pure reality of the heightened frequency. Then it all makes sense and oftentimes we promise ourselves that we will never forget. But…unfortunately once this heightened frequency is gone, it is very difficult to remember what we saw and to back it up even though the experience is not fully available.

What it takes to Live as a Light Being

To fulfill our mission as Light Beings on Earth, there will come a time where we’ll have to take a leap of faith and trust what we deeply know in our Heart of Hearts and dare to speak and act it out. We will have to be 100% serious about it and extinguish any form of cynicism inside our hearts. You see, cynicism basically ridicules everything that’s pure and real. If you want to experience the real epic glory of Serving as a Luminous Light Being, as a Messenger of the One, you have to Live as one! You have to examine the tendency to want to fit into the current society and how you betray your heart and soul by doing so. You have to make a choice. Life is always about choices. Especially when it comes to the most important things. You cannot be both here and there, a little bit of a light being and a little bit of conforming to the cynicism and fakeness. If you want to fulfill your task of bringing Heaven on Earth, you’ll have to live like a Light Being wholeheartedly.

The Current State of Collective Humanity

As a collective, humanity is in a very confused state. Everything that is of true value is shrouded with doubt, cynicism, ridicule, bitterness and dismissal. We thirst for Love but are totally sarcastic about the possibility of real innocent love. Truth for us means only an opinion. You have “your truth” and I have “my truth”. We forgot about the One Living Truth, the Brilliant Eternal Light of God which is the essence of all, which is our own true self and that which animates and lives our body. Wisdom is usually interpreted as having a sharp intellect and lots of informative knowledge and not the full and profound flowering of one’s Being and Soul with Intuition, Sensitivity and Silent Listening.

But that is exactly the reason that Light Beings have been sent to this Earth! To change exactly this confused state and to shift the balance towards the actual Living Truth of Love, Wisdom, Oneness and Peace in a way that the collective mind will have enough clarity to access this reality and see it without a shadow of a doubt. Therefore as a Light Being, as a Messenger of Truth, you have to take your mission with utmost seriousness and dedication. You have to own your Destiny. There’s just no other way. That’s your only way of fulfillment and the only way you can Serve Humanity and truly change the collective field.

Will you Dare?

Some will read this article and it’ll sound fascinating. Some will even be attracted to it. But the real question is whether you’re going to do what it takes, no matter what’s the price, to live your Truth? Are you going to invest your entirety of Heart and Mind into this? Are you going to purify your heart from cynicism, doubt and conforming to being part of the unconscious herd?

That’s the only way to live as a Light Being, a Messenger of the One. 
And it is needed like never before.

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  1. I am a being of light and I have been here for a long time observing humanity and trying to influence the ones I can through out the years. It’s so difficult to reach humanity due to fact human are by nature animals and will not be able to advance till they let go of that animalistic nature.

    1. Post

      Dear Kiera, yes I hear you. It is indeed a hefty task to transform humanity. It happens in very very small steps.
      We are a unique hybrid of angelic beings and animals in one creature. And indeed we must learn to refine the animal
      nature and make it surrender to the higher parts of our being. Keep going and doing you light work! Blessings

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