Albert Einstein – Numerology Analysis

Albert Einstein

The word “Einstein” has become a synonym with genius. A brilliant scientist who has changed the scientific paradigm big time. Let’s take a look at his numerological chart.

To begin with we see the following numbers playing a major role in his chart: 24/6, 34/7, 27/9, 11/2, 22/4.

All of these numbers share some things in common: They are all pointing to a deep, mature and intelligent being. In addition they show someone who’s driven to achieve things of great importance: 27/9, 11/2, 22/4.

How typical for a creative genius to have a 34/7 as his Head Number – symbolizing a deep capacity for introspection, insight, skillful observation, wisdom and a natural attraction to matters of the beyond – such as the discovery of the laws of the universe. The 34/7 specifically (as opposed to other types of 7’s) is a very creative kind of 7, full of curiosity and openness to new ideas.

Inspiration from above

Having the master numbers 11/2 and 22/4 in his chart, indicate a unique destiny and also a high inspiration from “above”. It’s almost like besides his great capacity for studying (34/7) and talented character (27/9), he was simply inspired and gifted with insight from what we can call the spiritual world (whether he was aware of it or not). As you perhaps know, the Special Theory of Relativity was a result of a dream Einstein had!

Einstein and Relationships

Einstein was known to be a woman lover and not that great when it came to relationships. Interestingly his first two challenges in life were twice the number 2! This is THE number that symbolizes intimacy and relationships. And when imbalanced (such as in Einstein’s case) can cause problems of commitment, dishonesty in intimate relationships and also a sort of undecided character when it comes to romantic partnerships.

Another interesting thing to note is that his last challenge is number 4, indicating lack of stability and feeling of unstable roots. And indeed in that part of his life at 1933, Einstein left his homeland (Germany) and moved to the United States.

Achieving lasting greatness

As a last note, it is lovely to see how Einstein’s First Name number is a 22/4 master number which shows us how deep inside he was wishing and expecting of himself to bring something lasting to the world, something of big scale. To manifest a something great from the beyond on the most physical and concrete level. And boy – did he fulfill that one!

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