Yearly Forecasts

pay-819613_640Yearly Forecasts

Another aspect of Numerology is forecasting and predicting events and certain tendencies of your personal life. Every birthday starts a new numerological year and as such brings with it new energies, lessons, potentials and also challenges. All are meant to help you grow.

Usually we move about without any conscious awareness of the energies that are working in our lives and thus we minimize our level of cooperation with life’s intelligence. This in turn minimizes the amount of growth we can experience.

Yearly forecasts, give you a clear mapping of the personal year to come. It explains to you what will be your major theme of learning for this year, how that will affect you, what you
need to do in order to best respond to this lesson and what challenges to expect. It is a very
exciting form of forecast and allows you to zoom in and receive very accurate guidance for
creative and constructive action.

In this reading you are invited to ask specific questions you’d like to know.

For example:

  • Is this a good year to start my studies?
  • What is the major spiritual lesson of this year?
  • Is it a good time to take financial risks?
  • Is it a good time to buy a house or move abroad?
  • What should I focus on to achieve more spiritual growth?

Yearly forecasts are a wonderful way to stay aligned with your unfolding process of growth. It is
like lighting a torch instead of walking completely in the dark. It is like a road map. You still
need to walk the path, but at least your see the path clearly. In addition, it is very helpful for decision
making – especially when it comes to more significant decisions – such as changing career, investing in
big projects, having kids, dealing with a very difficult life situation etc. These forecasts can help you
determine when is the right timing to make critical decisions and changes to achieve the best outcome.

Price: 90€  per 1-hour session / 75€ if you’re a student, supported by the state or experience financial difficulties.

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Session take place via Skype or by person.

  • Skype Numerology Readings are recorded as an MP3 file and are sent to you after the
    reading so you can listen to them again whenever you want!
  • Payment for Skype sessions should be done prior to the session via Bank Transfer or PayPal.