We are always doing the best we can

One of the most common things I hear from people in private sessions is their frustration from themselves. Somehow it always seems like they are not doing well enough, at least this is what they tend to express about themselves. First they share their problems and difficulties and then they start judging themselves for not managing to be better than they are.

In my understanding I’ve come to see that before we can solve any problem, first of all we need to acknowledge that we are doing the best we can. That if we would have known better, we would have acted differently. We always do the best we know. To recognize this is our ground, it gives us a sense of peace with ourselves, an understanding that we don’t need to push ourselves forcefully all the time.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or a general time of crisis it’s important to understand that a big part of it is not in your control. In the same way that you wouldn’t judge yourself for being physically injured and you understand it’s not in your control to heal it immediately, it’s important to understand it’s the same with our inner world – a lot of it is not in our hands.

This opens a lot of place for compassion and softness with ourselves. And this softness and kindness is the basis for healing ourselves and making peace within our own minds and hearts. When people come to me, I see brave souls, doing their best to cope with life’s challenges and I want them to see how wonderful they are, how much strength they already have – even when things don’t work out the way they wanted…

We cannot measure our strength by success only – because it is not in our hands. We can only do so much…the rest is in life’s hands. And life’s hands are much greater and stronger than ours. So you should appreciate yourself for your efforts, even if they are small, you should recognize your strength even if you don’t see immediate results. Allow yourself to see your beauty and goodness regardless of any outcome – because you are beautiful and unique and you are the way life wants you to be.

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