True Meditation

When learning meditation, as opposed to what many people think, only focusing on learning a certain technique is far from being enough.Like with any other profession or skill – if you want to reach to the highest, most expanded potential of something you have to choose a wide CONTEXT for what you’re doing. For example, if I learn to play soccer, I can do it just for fun, I can do it for better health, for social reasons OR, I can go as far as wanting to be a world professional. If I choose to be a world professional, my practice will not be the same anymore. It will have a purpose, and a far horizon which will always provide a healthy tension for bettering and growing in my skills and later on provide the ones who will watch me a great entertainment.

It is the same with meditation. When our context is to use meditation only for relaxation,our meditation will expose only a tiny bit of its potential. If we use it to achieve body-mind balance, it might reveal a bit more.

However, the true potential of meditation lies in choosing a context as big as Evolution itself – our evolution, humanity’s evolution and the evolution of consciousness itself. True meditation holds within it the capacity to change our entire being from the very core. Through it, we can discover a whole new way of being that is so much more conscious, whole, expanded and wise – that inevitably we will be pulled to change our entire life according to this new ever-growing revelation.

More than that, by deepening our meditation and implementing what we discover inside of it in our lives, we are actually creating an energetic force that affects not only us, but the whole of humanity. That means that each one of us that makes the brave and noble choice of stepping into the real meditative journey, actually, helps changing our world for the better.

Now – THIS – is a context worth meditating for!

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