The power of togetherness

I truly believe that life doesn’t need to be hard.
Many of us still experience it as hard and difficult because we keep ourselves separate
from the infinite and abundant connections and resources that are all over the place.

We were taught to define ourselves and our uniqueness by separating ourselves, by standing out, by comparing ourselves with others and have thus succeeded to a certain extent to form individuality within us. But that is certainly not the full picture.

It is now time that we learn the power of togetherness, the power of cooperation, the power
of mutual support and conscious collective intelligence.

Once our individuality is well defined, it does provide us with a sense of personal strength,
however many of us still feel that life is a struggle and that we have to be pretty pushy in
order to pave our way out there.

But if we learn how to harness this new individuality for a greater purpose, and how to blend it with other individuals, we can start discovering such beneficial connections, such immense support that we could have never even imagined.

Imagine what it is like to have a group of 30, 50, 100 strong individuals that want to give
their best to one another, who truly want to cooperate, who want to think together, create
together, bring the best of one another.

All of a sudden, there is so much more inspiration, intelligence, energy and possibility at hand – such that would have never been available without being part of a greater whole.

I deeply believe that togetherness is our next step as humanity. To find all the meeting points instead of differences, realize how much we’re similar, how much we share the same journey. And out of this realization, start forming new creative and supportive connections that will make living so much more meaningful and fun.

The power of togetherness will help us solve any issue – personal or global with greater ease and creativity.

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