Spiritual Guidance – One on One

Spiritual Guidance – One on One with Tom

This is an intimate and potent setting where you work with Tom personally on your Spiritual Awakening
and Soul Awakening. After Tom’s own spiritual activation solidified and after having lots of experience both in
helping individuals and groups, this is a very unique offering to you.

Working with Tom will allow you to accelerate your spiritual growth, gain insight and clarity on your
path and develop your own Spiritual Autonomy.

Tom works on several levels:

  • Verbal – This enables you to bring clarity, understanding and peace to the Mind through sharing
    and talking about whatever the need of the moment brings.
  • Energetic – Tom listens and reads your Energy Body, Chakra System and Karmic Patterns and helps
    you always move to the next evolutionary step on your spiritual path.
  • Transmission of Grace – This is a direct energetic resonance that occurs between Tom’s energy body
    and your energy body that simply aligns you with deeper spiritual activation and connection with grace.
  • Silent/Guided Meditation – This allows you to absorb and integrate the processes on a non-verbal
    level. It also allows a profound self-reflection and great clarity.

Spiritual Guidance sessions cover topics such as:

  • Developing deep Meditation capacities and the ability to deepen your Silence
  • Connection to Inner-Wisdom and Intuition as a way of relying on your inner guidance
  • Awakening of the Kundalini Energy
  • Spiritual Awakening and Living Wisdom
  • Dealing with questions/challenges on the Spiritual Path
  • Awakening the Soul – opening to your higher calling and destiny
  • Providing Liberating clarity at any stage on your path

Session Length: 1 Hour and 10 minutes
:  70€  /  60€  if you’re a student, supported by the state or experience financial difficulties.

  • Tom charges a low price on purpose with the intention that Spiritual Guidance be available to everyone.
    Please request the lower rate only if truly needed.

Skype Sessions – are also available.
Payment for Skype sessions should be done prior to the session via Bank Transfer or PayPal.

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