Spiritual Guidance

pablo-72Inner Coaching – freedom from suffering through ancient wisdom

Psychological and emotional issues such as: depression, anxiety, confusion, not knowing one’s
direction in life, times of crisis, relationship problems etc, are a very common and even growing
experience worldwide. Yet, the common psychological treatment does not truly offer a full solution
to these problems and keeps people coming back to therapy for years.

Solving Psychological issues to their root – efficiently and quickly

There is no need for years of therapy or coaching. All you need is the right amount of clarity, an
intelligent and loving space and the capacity to trust your own inner strengths and resources.
In this kind of atmosphere your intelligence is capable of solving any problem not by eternally
digging into it, but by understanding its root cause and then transforming and transcending it

Beyond the Psychological layer we are absolutely Free!

Spiritual wisdom and insight reveals to us beyond any doubt that we are not only psychological
beings. Beyond our psychological and emotional reality we are as vast and as free as the sky.
In my private sessions, this reality is revealed and anchored inside of you and becomes the
ground from which every issue is solved.

Einstein said: “No problem can be solved from the same level it was created”.

And he was right. Therefore, by going beyond your psychological layer through precise inquiry,
meditation and energetic work, you gain such a freedom that allows you to literally solve any

You are your own authority and best guide

Let me tell you a simple truth:  You have all the wisdom and strength you need right inside of you.
No therapist, coach or guide – including myself will solve your problems. However, I will help you
find and establish your connection to your own inner wisdom, strength and authority. Then, you
will be the one finding all the answers you need for any psychological and emotional issue you
experience and will not need to depend on my help for a long time.

What do the sessions with me include?

The sessions combine Chakra reading, Numerology, talking, inquiry, meditation and chakra
work. We start by talking and bringing up the issue you’re dealing with. Following that,
I read your chakras to receive an energetic mapping of your experience and have a clear understanding
of the origin of your problem. Everything is shared openly and with much love and care. Then we
go into meditation, where freedom and peace are found and from there we transform every problem
into a blessing. Sometimes we will also do some energetic work with the chakra system to bring it
into alignment according to the chakras that require attention. Numerology is often used to give us
a clear understanding of what you’re going through and the lesson it holds for you. It give us a clear
GPS of your destiny and the way to achieve it.



Session length: 1 hour and 10 minutes
Price: 70€ / or 60€ for students/people supported by Job Center
Cancellation policy: If you scheduled a session but want to change the date
or cancel, please notify me at least 24 hours prior to the session. The full price
is charged in case of no prior or last moment notification.

  • Sessions take place by person or via Skype
  • Payment should be transferred prior to the session when done via Skype.

Click here to pay with PayPal. (only for Skype sessions outside of Europe)