Personalized Numerology Readings

pay-530338_640Personalized reading with questions

This reading is tailored to your specific needs and questions at any point in time. You are asked
to bring up to 3 subjects or questions regarding things you wish to receive clarity about.

Some examples for questions people come with:

  • Why don’t I manage to find a stable relationship and how can I find one?
  • I’m having financial difficulties and want to know how to get out of them?
  • I’m not satisfied with my career anymore but I don’t know what path to choose from?
  • I really want to have children but am not sure if it’s the right time?
  • I’d like to live with much more purpose and meaning. What is my highest destiny according to numerology?

In a personalized reading the focus is giving you specific answers for burning questions in your
life that demand attention. These can also be recurring challenges you wish to get more clarity
about. At times these readings demand more than one session.

Price: 90€ per 1-hour session / 75€ if you’re a student, supported by the state or experience financial difficulties.

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Session take place via Skype or by person.

  • Skype Numerology Readings are recorded as an MP3 file and are sent to you after the
    reading so you can listen to them again whenever you want!
  • Payment for Skype sessions should be done prior to the session via Bank Transfer or PayPal.