Numerology Courses (old)

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Numerology in general and specifically the Psychodynamic Numerology – The Human Body Method,
is a high class, one of a kind method of consultation, guidance, diagnosis and even divination.
The Human Body Method Numerology which Tom teaches was developed by the master numerologist Sharon Ron (Shtibelman) who taught Tom personally numerology and his unique method.

Acquire a profession for life

Becoming a numerologist is a gift to yourself and to humanity. As a numerologist you learn a solid,
ancient, systematic and proven method for guiding and consulting others on the most important
subjects, issues and questions of human life and daily living. It is a noble profession, as you learn keys
to enter and understand the very secrets that comprise a person’s structure, journey, destiny, potential
and challenges.  You also learn the specific way to guide each person to respond with wisdom and harmony
to his/her life’s challenges and destiny and make decisions that are meaningful to their growth and

Personal Guidance with a high level of accuracy and ethicspotential-1353776_640

As a numerologist you can tap into a very profound and detailed understanding of any person you work with – whether as a therapist, a coach, or any other profession in which you need to assess, diagnose or help a person. This puts you in a position of a personal guide who needs to compassionately and attentively guide people according to their needs. Being a numerology guide is a profession with high responsibility as you have access to profound information about people, and have to use this information with love, care and have the person’s highest good always in mind.

Various possibilities to work as a Numerologist

Numerology is a vast method and there is no one way to use it. Here are some possibilities for its use:

  • Numerology as a coaching method – helping people solve blockages with daily issues such as
    career, money, fulfillment, relationships and manifesting more of their potential.
  • Relationship oriented numerology – helping couples, friends, siblings resolve difficulties in
    their connection. Orient people to their highest possible connection and help resolve conflicts.
    This is also good for business partners and company dynamics.
  • Numerology for parents and children – using numerology to help parents understand their childrenbinary-1327493_640
    and have the keys to raise them in a way that the child’s deepest essence, needs and potentials are put in the center. Helping parents solve conflicts with growing teenagers to reach better communication and harmony at home. Helping children overcome difficulties in school, with social life etc.
  • Numerology as a tool for spiritual growth – help people attain to the highest potential of their soul,
    destiny and spiritual fulfillment. Direct people to see and realize their highest calling, destiny and
    life lessons.
  • Therapeutic Numerology – use numerology to help people release emotional and mental  traumas and blockages. Take people on a journey of healing anchored in a deep understanding of their structure, needs, past and potential future. Find concrete keys to healing minor and major issues alike.

As you can see, there are many ways to utilize the profound knowledge and wisdom of numerology and
each one of you can take it to the direction that suits you. There are many other ways of using numerology
that weren’t mentioned as creativity has no boundaries.

The way Tom teaches numerology is aimed at spiritual growth and awakening of the soul. Learning this
method will allow you to gain an incomparable understanding of yourself and your loved ones. It willlike-1638737_640
help you liberate yourself from blockages and beliefs that hinder your full flowering. You will naturally
also be able to give the same to others.

Numerology studies also fit:

  • As a full time or part time profession
  • As an additional tool for your already existing career as a therapist/coach/business consultant etc.
  • As a learning process for personal growth
  • As a creative hobby


Tom offers two formats of study:

One on one private lessons – this format allows you to study at your own pace and advance
according to your own will and capacity. You get Tom’s full attention and guidance.

Group lessons – this format is designed for small intimate groups. It allows you to have more
interaction with others while studying. The small group ensures to keep a high standard of teaching.

Private and Group lessons take place via Skype or by person.


The Studies are composed of 2 stages:

First Stage – gives you the basic foundation for numerological diagnosis. You will be introduced
to the Human Body method, its main calculations and a deep understanding of the numbers in the
different locations.

Course duration: 13 lessons

Click here for the First Stage syllabus

Second Stage – here you will enter deeply into numerological reading and diagnosing. You will
learn to integrate the calculations and build a diagnostic picture. You will learn how to give correct
guidance to a person and how to create a detailed numerological chart.

Course duration:  18 lessons

Click here for the Second Stage syllabus


During the courses you will have the opportunity to:

  • Have a deep understanding of your numerological chart and that of
    your loved ones.
  • Go through a personal process of soul awakening.
  • Receive weekly answers to your ongoing study questions.
  • Get tools to help any person make clear and accurate decisions.

Technical information:

  • Studies take place via Skype or by person
  • All Skype lessons are recorded and will be sent to the student(s) upon request.
  • Private lessons are 1-hour long / Group lessons are 1.5-hours long.
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