Meditation and Decision making

When you make a decision, according to what are you making it? What motivates you to choose one thing over another? And when the pros and cons of both options seem almost equal – what then?

These are important questions, since decisions are the shaping factor of our lives and as a matter of fact determine whether we’ll live a confused and unstable life or one of clarity and a sense of direction. Having said that, how do we go about making a decision that is accurate, confident and wise?

Most of the time when facing a crossroads or the unknown (whether in our job, relationship or generally in life), the decisions we tend to make are usually those that rely on the past, on memory and on clinging to our comfort zone. In addition, all of these are accompanied and motivated by our driving force for survival – physical and psychological. So what do we do when we want to break out of the small and protected box of our lives and continuously grow and expand?
In this case we need to find within us a source of intelligence, inspiration and wisdom that will replace the survival instinct and allow us to examine every moment, challenge or crossroads without fear, with deep calmness and clarity.

Meditation might be exactly what we’re looking for – a direct tool to tap into our own inner center of intelligence and deep silence. While in our normal state of consciousness it’s almost like being lost in a maze – not being able to see the right way out, meditation takes us higher and allows us to have an overview of the entire path, thus enabling us to walk calmly and confidently to our destination.

While being stuck in the maze might give us the feeling that things are sometimes unsolvable, difficult or frightening, meditation in a way takes us altogether outside of the maze, thus allowing us to regain confidence, inner calmness and a sharp clarity – which in turn motivate us to make bright and accurate decisions very easily.

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