Letting go of worries

Most of us live with a sense of stress, a feeling that something is not right. It’s as if there’s always something to fix in ourselves or our lives. For some of us this feeling is strong, for some less, however we all share it to some extent.

This feeling that something is always wrong, is a conditioning that exists in our mental and emotional worlds and also in our brain. We were programmed for centuries as humans to fight for survival, for shelter. We have such a long history of wars, struggle and danger that our brains are actually not used to just relax. Our brain is not used to trust life and to feel safe in life. It is always alert, always ready for something to go terribly wrong.

Fortunately this is only a conditioning and not the true nature of reality. And even more fortunately, there is a way to remedy this automatic conditioning. This remedy is called Meditation.

In meditation we learn to sit still and cultivate inner silence. Meditation allows us to discover within us a ground that is immovable, untouched by changing circumstances and therefore an anchor that we can truly lean on. The more we discover this anchor, the more we are able to let go of worries, doubts, and inner struggle. It is an actual process of de-programing and re-programing our brain, teaching it a complete new way of being that is not survival oriented, but rather peace oriented.

In many ways this is a true evolutionary work that needs to be done on our side. We need to re-educate our brain to shift from being reactive to being silent and creative. And the more we persist with this task, the greater our freedom to stay calm – no matter what the circumstances are – will grow more and more.

That’s the magic of meditation.

We’ve all probably heard the saying – “In order to have peace we should become peace”. Well this is absolutely true. And the way to achieve it is exactly by creating inner peace within our own being and brain through the regular practice of meditation.

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