In search for inner peace

I didn’t come across even one spiritual seeker that didn’t deeply wish to achieve inner peace. A true indestructible state of deep tranquility, equilibrium and freedom from suffering.

It is but natural that we will seek for true peace, as it connects us with our true inner being, to simplicity and authentic happiness. And the big spiritual teachers and traditions throughout history have been handing us techniques and methods to achieve this state of profound peace.

However, there is one more thing that these great teachers and and masters have also spoken about that is being overlooked time and again by so many spiritual seekers – the fact that no practice can ever lead you to enlightenment, to freedom, to the realization of absolute peace.

The deep reason for that is our own Will.

Will, is very important on the path to true inner peace. It helps us be serious about our quest and have enough energy to pursue it and not give up until the goal is reached. However at the same time it is our hindrance.


Because our will is currently conditioned to focus on future achievement. As a result, all our practices and attempts to achieve inner peace are fundamentally sabotaged. True peace or true connection with ourselves can only be achieved NOW and only now. NOW is the only reality that exists, but because of our conditioning, as we practice, a tremendous amount of our energy is not even participating – it is already waiting for the achievement in the future.

The very approach to our quest is fundamentally wrong and by nature cannot lead us to our desired goal.

However, the secret, is that our will is actually not the problem. What truly needs to change is how we direct our will. As we come to see that will for future results will not help us discover freedom and peace, we come to understand that Will has to be transformed from ‘wanting’ energy into ‘being’ energy, which means that in a way we’re letting go completely of the notion of future goal and instead we focus our energy on being NOW the very peace and freedom we’re searching for.

One can say that the will is directed into the NOW and not the future.

That is truly liberating and opens the door to authentic inner peace.

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