Bird’s-View Numerology Reading

space-911791_640Bird’s View Numerology Reading

This kind of reading reveals to you the story of your soul in this lifetime. What is your
major lesson and destiny? What are your talents, skills and potentials? What challenges
are you facing on your path? What are the karmic patterns and lessons you need to confront?
What are the keys for flowering on your path? These are some of the questions that are
addressed in a Bird’s-View reading. This reading is like giving a general mapping of your soul
journey in this lifetime. It gives a lot of clarity and usually acknowledges and confirms what
you already knew about yourself, but perhaps didn’t have the courage or clarity to follow.

This reading is great to understand the bigger picture of your personal journey and to receive
a road map for walking this journey with clarity, precision and joy. Since your soul journey is
a vast subject, general readings can be done every few months or twice a year simply to bring
yourself back in tune to your soul’s calling and destiny and to make sure you keep your center.

Price: 90€ per 1-hour session / 75€ if you’re a student, supported by the state or experience financial difficulties.

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Sessions are done via Skype or by person.

  • Skype Numerology Readings are recorded as an MP3 file and are sent to you after the
    reading so you can listen to them again whenever you want!
  • Payment for Skype sessions should be done prior to the session via Bank Transfer or PayPal.